I have truly missed being able to sit down at the laptop & just write, instead of doing that I’ve been curled up in a ball on the sofa ill! I haven’t been this ill since B used to go to stay with my ex.
It was so hard having him here & be witness to me struggling so much.

B was ill on Tuesday & by morning he was literally bouncing off the beds, you wouldn’t have even known anything had happened bar the weetabix stained bedding & stench in his room.
I thought I’d got away with it, I managed to get to Thursday evening before feeling exceptionally odd.
I honestly thought I was just hungry but the feeling soon hit & that was me till about 3AM the next morning. B managed to sleep till around 6am, somehow I got the strength to carry him down the stairs but from there its a blur.
My mum sat with him but she had also been given the lurg.
I slept & felt better but nowhere near my usual self. That day 2 doritos & a biscuit made me full, that was very gutting for me as I love my food.

Ever since I haven’t been able to eat properly & when I try I’m in a lot of pain, I’ve had the amazing support of my mum & my friends, without them I probably would be in a right state now!
B was beyond understanding & didn’t push me too hard, saying that he run my mum ragged haha!

I have SO much respect for parents who can just cope with stuff like this, it knocked me for 6 & I’m quite embarrassed by how much I struggled. I felt useless when I literally had to crawl up the stairs to put B to bed because my back & legs were that painful.
I just don’t know how people with life long illnesses cope, I honestly take my hat off to you. You are AMAZING.

Today, thankfully, I felt well enough to go to B’s friend’s Birthday Party!
The Bye-bye boys have turned THREE!!!!
I managed nearly the entire party, I was so happy to celebrate their birthday with them & feel well enough to do so.
In the process though, this happened:

It wasn’t even that warm but we have had a little giggle over it.
I am SO happy to be feeling good & back writing for you, NORMAL service will resume tomorrow <3