The 20th of March 2017 was the International Day of Happiness, a day to remind ourselves of the reasons we have to be happy.
I think its a fabulous idea to sit down & think of my 10 reasons to be happy. I was tagged in this fabulous post by ‘Real Mum Reviews’.
Let’s get the ball rolling!

My 10 Reasons To Be Happy

#1 I’m alive & on the whole pretty healthy. This is something I think we all take for granted, some of us just don’t appreciate our health. I’m guilty of this I will admit, I struggle now daily with my back but it could be a lot worse so I appreciate what I have & work around it. I can walk, carry B, run & play. All that should be appreciated, it can all too easily be taken away.

#2 I got to see my nan before she died, I know this is a really odd one but it makes me so happy that I made the effort to go & see my nan whilst she was ill. Her dementia made seeing her very difficult sometimes & in the last few months she rapidly went downhill. I’m happy that somewhere in her head she knew I cared. Its very odd, I don’t think I’ve dealt with her death yet as I don’t feel like she’s gone.

#3 B! He is a massive reason to be happy, even if he does kick me in the throat & announce to the cat that she should ‘pee off’ (not so politely though). So many people dream of having a child & can’t, I think some of us take our children for granted & don’t realise how amazing it is to be able to carry a child. He may swear, never wear clothes & fart on my lap but he’s my B.

10 reasons to be happy

#4 I have amazing friends, I honestly never thought I’d find such fantastic friends. I feel I could tell them nearly ANYTHING & know I’d have their support. They are truly amazing, I love them SO much. They are always there for myself & B.
Being a mum can be exceptionally lonely but my friends have made sure thats not the case for me, I hope everyone can find as great friends as I’ve found.

#5 I have exceptionally supportive parents. I am so lucky with this one, if my parents can help me out generally they will. They’ve helped me care for B in the early years & even to this day. They took me out of school when I was being bullied & worked as much as they could to be able to afford some private education for me. My maths is still awful so it didn’t help too much * whoops, not naturally gifted with math skills*

#6 I’ve finally found a diet where I fell better & no longer have stomach pains or skin issues. Following a Vegan diet has meant that I no longer suffer from bloating, feeling sick & I very rarely have a break out of spots. I am so pleased I’ve found something that suits my body & means that I don’t lose days with stomach issues or sickness!

#7 I have a roof over my head & food in the cupboards. This is something so many people don’t appear to appreciate & I’ll admit that sometimes its something thats never crossed my mind. Lately though I’ve realised how truly lucky I am.

#8 I’ve been able to make some fantastic early years memories with B due to my previous work. I’ve made sure things I never got to do have been crossed off of B’s list already. He will be heading to Nursery in September so this is my last ‘school’ free time till he’s in his late teens.

#9 My future. I need to look forward to my future. My blog is growing, I’m changing as an individual, as time passes I’m making myself a better person & I’m finally ready to settle myself down. My future is a FANTASTIC reason to make me happy.

#10 My advancing skills, I am picking things up quicker & finding learning about video editing & blogging FUN! When I learn of a new way to edit my video or write a post I get exceptionally happy. This area of work really suits me.

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