I’m a huge YouTube fan. Come to think of it, lately, I’ve chosen watching YouTube channels over watching TV!
I have a huge variety of channels I love watching & an even bigger variety of genres that I enjoy watching. If you check out my viewing history you’d see a mix of EVERYTHING, from toy videos to arcade games.
I wanted to share with you my ‘Top 5 Youtubers’, I hope you find some new channels to check out.

My Top 5 Favourite Youtubers

#1 – Alex Wing – Alex has quickly become one of my favourite YouTubers. His style is amazing & the quality of his work is always exceptionally high. Regardless of the style from a thought provoking video about his Grandfather’s dementia to a fab family day out, Alex always makes the videos hit the right spot. He appears to be able to make ANY style of video look amazing. What I love about his channel so much is that not only does he post his fabulous videos, he also makes super helpful ‘tutorial’ videos.
Be sure to check his channel out, here’s my personal favourite video of his, please be aware I am a blubbering wreck after watching this video!

#2 – Liza Koshy – This girl has grown from ‘VINE’ to YouTube sensation. If I’m having an utterly pants day watching anything that she’s made is sure to brighten my day. She transitioned amazingly from 7 second short skits to full videos. Sorry, I literally just left this for 10 minutes because I went to her YouTube channel & ended up rewatching a video I’d only recently seen. Her sense of humour may not be to everyones taste but this girl sure rocks it for me!
This is my personal favourite video from Liza’s channel:

#3 Daily Bumps – I absolutely love this channel, myself & B have been watching these guys for close to a year now & its been amazing to see Ollie & his brother Finn grow up. They upload vlogs daily & we love checking out what they’ve been up to. They are sweet without being sickly sweet & seem like a genuine family who make fabulous vlogs. B has picked up on how they end their videos & now will try & end his by saying ‘BYEEEEE boooooop’ its adorable. He also said when they are in the UK again that he wants to meet them, what a little sweetie!
Check out B’s current favourite video here:

#4 – Plush Time Wins – If you haven’t watched our own channel then you won’t quite know how much we LOVE arcades! If B could he would be in them day in day out. Whilst surfing YouTube on the TV we stumbled across PTW! A super adorable couple who go around arcades seeing who can get the top score, who can win the most tickets & generally having fun, whilst at the end of the year giving some of their prizes away to charity (YAY).
They are great fun to watch & we’ve even picked up some handy arcade hints from them so we can raise our game!
This is B’s favourite video! Can you guess why?

#5 – Ryan ToysReview – Okay so this is mainly B’s favourite but I do have a space in my heart for little Ryan. Ryan is like the tip top child youtuber who reviews fabulous toys. He doesn’t get too silly like other child orientated channels & when they do do something that may be ‘naughty’ they do warn you! No other channel does this so I’ve ended up having B scared whitless because an innocent video has the most haunting looking clown in it.
Ryan & his family make harmless videos, they may just damage your bank balance a little because trust me, he makes all the kids want the toys he plays with.
This is our current favourite video:

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