Time for week two of my ‘People You Should Follow’.
This one came to be super quickly, I decided to go for a girl & this one hopped right into my head.

With an adorably foul mouth, I present to you….

Harriet Shearsmith – AKA – Toby And Roo


I randomly happened upon this amazing, hilarious, brutally honest, say it as it is blogger randomly on Instagram…. My life has never been the same since. From her daily Instagram Stories to her hilarious descriptions on her Instagram images, the girl brightens my day.

I feel like I know her children especially Edith, who I have to say I absolutely adore! I’ve had an absolutely pants week & Harriet’s posts about Edith pooping in the bath have really brightened it up for me.
Harriet is straight to the point, open & completely honest & exceptionally down to earth, with just a hint of swearing!

I always love checking out what Harriet has to say & what her & her family have been up to, I know for a fact I’ll get the brutal truth of what happened on their days out. She doesn’t try & sugar coat what goes on, thats what makes her stuff brilliant to read.

Not only is Harriet a great writer & mama comedian (Yeah- I think she should be a stand-up), she is also an amazing person.
She’s supportive & helpful to everyone, even those that other bloggers wouldn’t help as they deem them ‘competition’.
Harriet has posted a fantastic blog post on how she grew her Instagram from 0 to 50,000 followers in 12 months, the post can be found on Life With Baby Kicks website.

If Harriet sounds like your cup of tea/wine/coke or vodka head over to her social media pages listed below & give her a visit, like & follow:
Toby And Roo’s Blog
Toby And Loo’s Facebook page
Toby And Roo’s Twitter
Toby And Roo’s Instagram
Harriet’s Youtube (Which we all want to see her post super regularly on!)

toby and roo

Check back next week for another ‘people you should follow’ post!