Week 5 of ‘People You Should Follow’ brings you a very amazing girl who I just so happen to have known since my very brief spell at secondary school.
Blogging got me back in contact with this wonderful mummy & I’d like to introduce you to Becci from ‘To Aufinity And Beyond’.

Blogging has bought me a lot over this past year & one of the things its done has got me back in contact with Becci from ‘To Aufinity And Beyond’.
It was lovely to talk to Becci & we instantly got on really well, it had been about 10 years since we last had contact but immediately we seemed to click.

To Aufinity And Beyond

Becci has 3 lovely little boys, she shares her life journey with these little ones via her blog & their journey through their Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis.
I don’t have any experience with Autism but Becci explains it so well & really helps me understand the difficulties both parents & children go through with this difficult disorder. Its nice to come across someone so honest & open about their lives, both the good times & the bad.
Her aim is to bring awareness of Autism & its something I personally feel really needs addressing. Thanks to Becci & a close friend of mine I have become aware of Autism & have noticed the bad stigma around people with it. I’ve also sadly seen people judging & being nasty towards people who have Autism, now I have no idea if they know the people have autism or if its just a general judgemental attitude but it needs addressing.

Please read Becci’s blog especially if you have no idea about autism, it really does help to understand.
The next time you see someone you assume is having a ‘tantrum’ or ‘meltdown’ (whatever you want to call it) take time to think & regardless of why they are in that state, DO NOT JUDGE. Give the person with them a friendly smile & if needs be offer your help. My dad has personally done this in the past & the mum really appreciated his help.

Keep up to date on Becci’s journey on her social media accounts below:
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