I can’t believe it’s time for week 3 of ‘People You Should Follow’
This lovely lady ‘Neon Rainbow Blog’ randomly fell onto my screens a few months ago, it was pretty much a bond straight from the off set.

I present to you:

Clare of ‘Neon Rainbow Blog

Clare is such an amazing woman who I came to know through an American based interaction boost page.
She has been through a huge transformation & I absolutely love watching her continued journey.
I am so proud of her for losing weight naturally through Slimming World & exercise, she is a huge inspiration to anyone who wants to loose weight.

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☆ HONEST POST ☆ So, I've gained a little more weight than I am personally comfortable with. It's not much it's around half a stone but I feel like it's making all the difference to ME. I'm unhappy so I am putting it out into the insta world that I NEED to get this weight back off. Being a target member is hard work, 90% of time I have it locked down I know my limits and I know my body. I don't weigh myself and I embrace and look after my body, but the 10% that I lose my focus is what bothers me. I am currently in the 10%, I feel bloated and frankly, sad. So it's operation lose half a stone time. I'm going to weekly weigh (only if I feel okay!) until I am in my happy place again and eat as on plan to Slimming World as I usually would (Still a SW rebel and wont be synning smoothies or protein shakes!) but remembering my balance and to live not restrict. Pic is for my own motivation 💪

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Clare & I tend to talk regularly & I feel we’ve got very close, she is SO helpful its unreal.

I highly recommend her social media pages to everyone, more so to those who wish to lose weight.
If you need inspiration she’s your woman, beautiful, helpful, smart & AMAZING!

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