Yet again it shocks me that we are already so far into ‘ people who you should follow ‘, its one whole month old!
This lovely lady, Kirsty Dee, randomly dropped into my inbox in January & we’ve got on ever since!

I present to you:

Kirsty Dee

Kirsty is a super lovely, helpful person. I got to know her in January after talking about being Vegan & ‘Veganuary’, we’ve been talking on & off ever since.
We’ve been in blogging pods together & I’ve always found her posts interesting & her comments genuine.

kirsty dee

Kirsty divides her time & efforts amazingly well between her blog & her fabulous YouTube channel. Her YouTube videos with her husband are my favourite, they make such a beautiful, friendly, funny couple.
Its so nice to happen across someone who covers so many subjects so well, lifestyle, wellness, beauty & self help are regularly covered over on both Kirsty’s Blog & her YouTube.

Please be sure to check her out on her various social media accounts:
Kirsty’s Blog
Kirsty’s YouTube Channel
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