‘This is a police car driving down the street, and here is PC Charlie walking her beat.
Charlie is a police officer; she has an important job to do.
If you are ever in trouble, she is here to help you.’

‘PC Charlie And The Runaway Horses’ Book Review

It is important to me that B has a positive outlook on life & a positive attitude towards the Police. Unfortunately its not something that is common these days for one reason or another but its not how I want B to be.
This amazing book written by a local ‘bobby on the beat’ Charlotte Herod is a way I’m hoping to give B a positive outlook on the police. PC Charlie And The Runaway Horses has been our chosen book for bedtime for a few weeks now. Let’s just say, its a hit!

PC Charlie And The Runaway horses

B has recently really got into having a bedtime story & we were kindly sent this one, he happily chose it out of a pile & got into bed so I could start reading. He listened while I read him Charlie’s tale of the cheeky horses who escaped from the farmers field!
I thought the book was a great way for B to understand some of the things the police can get up to day to day, while re-enforcing positivity towards the police force. Which seems to be seriously waining amongst the youth of today.
B is a huge fan of structure & routine so he wholeheartedly enjoyed hearing about how Charlie starts her day, what she gets up to & when. This book gave him all of that so he was instantly at ease & thoroughly enjoyed the story in-between about how Charlie got those cheeky horses back in the field!

PC Charlie And The Runaway horses is an easy to read book for an adult & I’d say a great book for a child of around 8-10 to read. I find it long enough to fully explain the story well without being too long, which seems something a lot of books seem to struggle with.
Its actually a book I don’t mind reading, I really wish there was more rhyming in the book, thats about the only change I would make but thats just my personal preference for how I can make a book flow!
The illustrations in the book are fabulous, as you can see from the above image they are cartoon styled images which seem to grab B’s attention!

B’s favourite part of the book is when Charlie says what she likes to do when she gets home… EAT CAKE!! He found that rather funny.
He hasn’t got to the stage of questioning me about the police or the book but he thoroughly enjoys listening the book, I am hoping this book will stop any bad feelings towards the police. I want him to have a positive outlook about all the members of the emergency services, hopefully Charlie will do more of these books & cover more incidents & topics.

If you want a great read & to spread some Emergency services positivity then ‘PC Charlie And The Runaway Horses’ is the book for you!
Thank you Charlie for writing this fabulous book, we wish you all the luck with future books & we can’t wait to read them & shout about them from the rooftops.

Please check out the following link: http://www.pccharlie.co.uk
Grab a book & find out how PC Charlie got the cheeky horses back in their field & what else she got up to on her super busy day.

*DISCLAIMER – We were kindly sent ‘PC Charlie And The Runaway Horses’ by Charlie, however all opinions on the book are our own. The book will be gifted to B’s nursery so they can share win the positivity*