B has always been a huge fan of technology, from taking selfies with his pops to stealing the TV remote & messing around with the channels! I bought him an iPad when he was about one & it is honestly one of the best things I have ever bought him. As good as the pad is he has an exceptionally high turnover of apps, meaning he got bored of every app I downloaded or bought very quickly.
The email from Kidloland couldn’t have come at a better time, we were stuck playing the same boring games that he already knew the answers to & binge watching arcade YouTube videos.

Kidloland kindly invited B to trial their app & we jumped at the chance.
We have spent the last three weeks exploring this fantastic app ready to review it for you beautiful readers.
Let us begin <3 The app is exceptionally easy to download, I downloaded it from the App Store onto B’s iPad within minutes. I did this while Bryson was asleep so he could have a fantastic treat come the morning. I will tell you now I DO NOT restrict B’s time on his pad, he has a fantastic mix of iPad time & ‘real play’, he also tends to like listening to some tunes on the iPad as he plays. Imagine his face when I told him he had something new to play with on his pad! That morning he spent 2 whole hours exploring while I deep cleaned the house! YES this app means you are able to DO STUFF!!!!!!!!!

Imagine our faces when we were greeted by this huge array of activities, songs & games!
We were so shocked & now you may see how easy it was for B to spend 2 hours just exploring the app.
The first slight issue we happened upon was that most of the content B wanted to play with had to be downloaded, as he’s only 2 he did find this slightly confusing but I soon explained it to him. Be aware there is lots of extra content that needs to be downloaded so its viewable so make sure you have plenty of space on your pad or phone.

B finds the app exceptionally easy to navigate & even teaches his Nanna’s friends how to play when they come & see him.
This is another great feature of the app, its a lovely way to bond with your child, you wouldn’t think so of an app but sit them on your lap & offer encouragement & help & it turns into a lovely activity.
<3So YES you can bond over technology <3 Heck even if you aren't from a tech background your little one will probably pick it up in seconds & will teach you.

This is B’s current favourite game on the Kidloland app! Its the Fireman app & he absolutely loves dressing the bears up & putting out the fires. I’ve seen him sit there & play it numerous times, its also his favourite one that he likes to ‘show off’. I’ve even been known to play a little bit of it too! HAHA
Currently this is the game he plays first when he opens the Kidloland app up, he then moves on to other games & songs but does tend to go back to this a few times each playing session.

B is currently really into problem solving style games, he may not be perfect at them & may need a helping hand but he’s learning & thats amazing. This comes from a mix of soft play & this app!
This is his second favourite thing on the app, if you are strict with pad time then I do recommend pushing your child towards these types of games.

You’ve also got an amazing variety of stories, nursery rhymes & songs to choose from. Not only are the songs fabulous but they are also used to teach your little one!
You have everything from songs about colours to songs teaching your little ones about fruit & vegetables!
They have thought of everything & I love it, even better is for the kids who don’t think learning is fun, its not always noticeable to them that they are learning.
Here’s an example of one of the songs to help your little one learn to count.

I absolutely love how bright & colourful the app is, its extremely enticing to kids… Oh heck, even me too!
The app screams happiness to me, I’d probably quite happily sit on the app for an hour or two myself just to calm myself out.
Its been a hit with my whole family & friends.
Just be aware with their catchy songs, you’ll find yourself humming or singing them for the next few days after you hear them.

To Summarize

•There are plenty of activities, games & songs to keep your child entertained for months.
•It has fab & fun ways to learn.
•It’s bright & colourful, which is enticing to children…AND ADULTS.
•Very engrossing so it will give you a while to get your cleaning done.
•It’s so fun that kids aren’t aware they are learning.
•It may take up a bit of space on your pad or phone so make sure you have enough space

If you’d like to try the app out there is a FREE 7 day trial which gives you access to the entire app for, you guessed it, 7 days!
If you want to purchase the app you have a choice of subscription options:
•£3.99 for 1 month(with 7-day free trial)
•£18.99 for 6 months
•£20.99 for 1 year(This option would save you 33%)

You also have the option of downloading the FREE version of the app!!

You can download the app at via the following links:

iOS Download Link (APPLE)
Google Play Store Download Link
Amazon App Store Download Link

Check out our free printable PDF colouring book made by B

Disclosure:: B was sent this app for reviewing purposes from Kidloland, our opinions on the app are our own.