I’m a not a huge lover of watching the television lately but one thing I can’t leave alone are these binge-worthy Netflix programmes. Once I start a series I tend to binge watch them & the following series are programmes that I’ve binge watched to the max!

Bingeworthy Netflix Programmes | Once You Start You Won’t Stop

Please note this list is in alphabetical order!

American Horror Story – I was late to the AHS party but that just meant I had a whole heap to binge watch! Currently on its 8th series, American Horror Story has become a sort of cult classic drawing people from all over the globe with different interests.
Each series features many of the same actors & actresses but by god do they play each different part well. These series do not follow on from one another they are separate stories. We start off at The Murder House & the most recent series is Apocalypse.
My favourite so far has been The Cult which followed along at the same time as the whole President Trump election.
I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every single series & many of them I have watched numerous times.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events – Based on the books written by Lemony Snicket, this series follows 3 beautiful orphaned children on their journey to investigate their parents deaths while dodging an awful foe, Count Olaf (NOT the snowman). Can they outrun & outsmart the evil Count Olaf & find who is to blame for their parents deaths?
After 3 series I’m truly gripped & desperately waiting & hoping for a fresh series.
Although the books were written for children I can assure you the series is suited to both young & old.
I must add that the way the series is filmed is truly stunning, whilst some scenes are clearly CGI its done so well that you are gripped, well for me anyway as I find that kind of thing interesting.

Being Human – A fabulous UK based programme.. That can’t be right can it? Well it is Being Human was something I took a little getting used to but once I got into it I genuinely couldn’t stop watching it.
The storyline is based around 3 ‘ superhuman ‘ housemates. I knew two of the cast members from other programmes & they fitted into a different style of character so well. I’m not usually into supernatural style programmes but this one really caught my interest. The storyline was gripping & the characters were relatable, EVEN with their ‘powers’.

Fresh Meat – A hilarious UK based comedy starring the amazing Jack Whitehall. The story surrounds a group of students who live in shared accommodation & their highs & lows of being at university. With 4 series in total this is definitely a show you need to watch over a weekend.
Parties, work pressure, money issues & so much more. This series is exceptionally relatable to many a graduate or student.
Oh & of course Mr Whitehall does us proud with his hilarious character ‘JP’

Fried – A short running but hilarious this UK based comedy did take me some time to get into. Once I got into it though I was gripped! A great comedy set around a fried chicken shop in London.
I think this is a very love it or hate it series, there won’t be much in-between. Give it two episodes if you haven’t got into it by then then its one to ‘leave’. That being said if you like UK silly banter this may just be for you.

Friday Night Dinner – A firm family favourite with my family this hilarious comedy based around one families ‘Friday night dinners’ is hilarious. Based around a very eccentric Jewish family you are going to need to go for a tinkle before you watch this series. Starring the hilarious ‘Will’ from ‘The Inbetweeners’, Friday Night Dinner is one of those family friendly (teen aged NOT child) programmes with cheeky undertones, NOTHING too rude or sexual.
It doesn’t sound too exciting when you realise the main part of the story surrounds this families dinner but lets just say the dinners rarely go to plan & even when they do they are ruined or disrupted by outside parties, namely Jim & his dog Wilson.
By far Jim & Wilson are my favourite characters & ones to watch out for.

Haters BACK OFF! – Have you ever heard of the YouTube singing sensation Miranda Sings?
No? Well neither had I, mainly because Miranda is neither a sensation or a singer, all of her ‘fame’ is in her head.
I find this programme hilarious but if my mum is around when its on then she continually says how she just doesn’t ‘ get it ‘.
Miranda, deep down, is a sweet girl who has dreams of being a YouTube sensation & in her head she already is. Her delusions of ‘sensation’ causes her to come across as a know-it-all careless girl & this causes her some major issues with her male friend!
I don’t want to ruin the story, so I won’t say more.

Orange Is The New Black – This was another series I was serious late getting into. This did me huge favours though as I was able to binge watch the entire first & second series without having to wait.
Loosely based around a true story, Orange Is The New Black is a comedy/drama(In my opinion) based in a women’s prison. Whilst we learn about most of the ‘main’ characters in the prison our MAIN characters are Piper Chapman & Alex Vause, a couple who ended up in prison for their joint wrong doings. A mix of hard hitting drama & hilarious antics, I LOVED the series so much.
The series uses just the right amount of drama & comedy without either one overshadowing the other.
The show is an exaggeration of incidences that went on with the ‘true life story’ with clear points where they have made stuff up purely for our entertainment. Its so easy to get attached to the characters & you can find yourself bonding & empathising with them.

Peaky Blinders – I can’t lie, the only reason I started watching this was after seeing what gorgeous men there was in the series. I’d lost track of my binge-worthy Netflix programmes, falling out of love with Netflix altogether until I stumbled upon the beauty of a programme which is Peaky Blinders. Due to the language in the programme I can’t watch it when B’s around so have been having to watch it as & when I can & that is HARD.
Based just after the first World War, Peaky Blinders is a hard hitting drama based in Birmingham, UK! Another win British ‘programme’ making. If you like blood, violence, gang warfare & general harshness then this programme is for you. OH & of course it is packed FULL of gorgeous men in suits! I also found it somewhat of a History lesson, I know not all of these incidents took place but it was interesting to watch.

Pretty Little Liars – How long can you keep a secret for?
This is one series I am so glad I was late getting into. It meant I could watch them in one swoop without having to wait for another season, yes I was addicted from the get-go.
This was a series that was mainly aimed at women & I actually can’t say I’ve ever stumbled across a male fan, I’m sure some exist of course.
Flash-backs a plenty in this American ‘teen drama’, we learn from the present & the past. Stuff makes sense then doesn’t make sense. The show had me gripped & fed up in equal measures. We follow a group of American teenage girls who are being ”harassed” by ‘A’. Who is A? Will you ever truly find out who A is?
This is a series for people who won’t be stressed at far fetched storylines! You have been warned.

Rillington Place – Ever since I was a teenager I’ve been interested in the mindset of murderers & the stories behind their horrific crimes. John Christie was a english serial killer & the person who this mini series is set around.
If murder isn’t your thing then this certainly isn’t the series for you. Comprising of just 3 episodes this mini series certainly had me hooked. The main character was portrayed exceptionally well by Tim Roth, the series was exceptionally interesting in the sense that it showed what a manipulating liar Christie was. It wasn’t an easy watch series but it was hard hitting & gripping. The BBC shot this so well & I hope they go on to make similar series for other UK based horrific crimes.

Santa Clarita Diet – A truly hilarious look at suburban life as a zombie… WAIT WHAT?!
The fantastic Drew Barrymore plays Sheila Hammond who turns into a zombie(of sorts) after a mysterious puke-a-thon.
Whilst Sheila doesn’t look like a zombie, she sure craves the taste of human flesh. We follow her & her, frankly gorgeous husband, on their journey through life trying to figure out the ‘fairest’ way of finding human flesh & of course living their lives as ‘normally’ as possible.
I found this series hilarious & gripping. I’m currently longing out my ‘consumption’ of SCD so I don’t have to be left waiting for the new series.
This isn’t your usual zombie/slasher style programme but its a great alternative side of ‘zombie’ life & how to keep going as ‘normal’

The End Of The F***ing World – Be prepared for a weird one, this dark comedy was a struggle to get into.
I say struggle, I binned it after watching 10 minutes then gave it another chance when my son was at nursery & I was SO pleased I did. Once I got over the initial confusion of the story I loved it. The series is short & appears to me to be a one off but its one you NEED to watch.
Follow ‘oddball’ James who is convinced hes a psychopath, he decides he wants to move on from killing animals to killing humans. He finds a ‘worthy’ victim at his school & works on ‘befriending’ her.
James is very socially awkward & his chosen victim Alyssa is a rebellious girl who just wants to F*** S*** up, without a care it seems for anyone or anything bar herself. Its a MARMITE style series but give it a chance.

The Job Lot – If you’ve never had the ‘joy’ of going to the job centre in the UK then you probably won’t find this entirely relatable but I can assure you its pretty spot on for the one I was sent to.
The hilarious comedy is set in a UK job centre, each & every character is portrayed so well & true to form. Almost abusive, uninterested staff members, push over staff & of course the job seekers, the other thing that differed was the security staff. Our local job centre has a right witch of a security officer.
If you’ve never been into the job centre then first off I am truly jealous & second off if you want to know what its like this is an amazing portrayal.

The Letdown – Being a parent (mum in this case) is hard, being friendless & having no outside support makes that difficult situation even worse. This series had me crying with laughter, my face hurt after every single episode. It is a hugely relatable programme to parents, well until the main character Audrey befriends the local drug dealer after falling asleep after a mammoth car ride to get her baby off to sleep, YES our parents have had to do this!
Gaining & losing friends, struggling with sleepless nights & the struggle on her love life, all relatable to us parents.
This is ONE TO WATCH, with some snacks & a pack of tissues for the laughter tears you’re going to shed.

The Rain – This Danish Post-apocolyptic programme had me gripped from the get go. The series is dubbed into English but that didn’t put me off in the slightest, in fact I barely noticed it. In this series the rain is the carrier of a ‘virus’, a virus that kills on impact. Well this is where it annoyed me a little, some people died pretty much on impact of the rain while others went into a zombie state & attacked others.
Keep out of the rain & you’ll survive! Our main characters were stowed into a underground bunker by their parents, to keep them safe on the promise that the dad would return when it was safe to rescue them.
A lot of the series is set in the bunker but without ruining the story we do get to adventure out into the post-apocolyptic world. With a few crazies along the way, the journey was never meant to be easy was it!
Stay dry, stay alive.

Z Nation – This has to be one of my favourite series EVER! Z-Nation is another zombie series, we follow a group of rather cool individuals on their fight to stay alive.
You’ve got SO many loveable characters in this series especially ‘Doc’ & then you’ve got characters who you will flit between loving & hating.
Through the series we learn so much about the characters but our ‘main’ hope is ‘Murphy’ who changes colour throughout the series, he is the last hope of creating a vaccine!
Characters will come & go, only to return. The series does get farfetched in places but it IS a zombie series & shouldn’t be treated as a serious portrayal of an post-apocolyptic world.