Console gaming has been a huge part of my life since I was about 5 or 6, I vividly remember watching my dad play Resident Evil on the Play Station 1. From that moment on gaming was cemented in my life, never to leave me. It kept me going through some very lonely times when I felt like I had no one & it gave me a huge amount of fun whilst I’ve been bored.
I want to share with you my top 10 video games of all time, if any take your fancy then I highly recommend giving them a go. Some of course will be harder to pick up than others due to their age.

My Top 10 Video Games Of All Time

#1 Silent Hill 2
I used to sit up late watching my dad play through Silent Hill 1, I got to the point of being so engrossed by it that I’d get upset when someone died & I decided that if I ever had a daughter I’d name her Cheryl (the name of the little girl in the game). I was never scared of these games so please don’t judge, it was purely my choice to sit & watch & it paved the way for my gaming future.
Silent Hill 2 is a game all of its own, it doesn’t follow on from 1 , you play as James a man who has received a letter from his wife. That doesn’t seem too weird does it, until you find out she died 3 years ago.
You follow him on his journey through Silent Hill to find his wife, along the way you meet some interesting characters & ever more interesting creatures.
I won’t go into too much depth with the story as I don’t want to ruin what is a truly fantastic game with an amazing storyline, all I will say is that although it is over 10 years old it still trumps some of the new games of today.

This is a game you lovers of horror! It was a PS2 game so if you can find it & are able to play it then DO SO!

#2 Resident Evil 3
I’ve never been lucky enough to play this game, instead I watched it play out in front of my eyes. This was a game I fell in love with after watching my dad play it for hours on end & then having to replay it because I accidentally wiped the memory card while playing Tomb Raider.

Resident Evil is my favourite gaming series tied with Silent Hill I get way too into these games, to the point where I’d dream up what I’d do if a Zombie apocalypse happened. I’m that weird person though that has the warped connection with the big nasty boss, I felt a tiny bit bad for the Nemesis(The big boss in this game).
I can’t even tell you why this game is SO ingrained in my brain & why I still look back on it as one of my favourites considering I’ve never actually played it. I guess its just THAT good that watching it was enough.

#3 Far Cry 3
I loved this game for two reasons the fantastic gameplay & one of the most gorgeous ‘baddies’ ever Vaas(Who just so happens to be voiced by someone who the character was designed on!).
This is the type of game you can easily get addicted to & waste an entire day playing without actually getting that far in the game. Far Cry 3 is a huge open world game & I mean HUGE.
Its quite an easy going game but there are bits that test you, don’t get me wrong. I love the hunting, yeah I know being a vegan I probably shouldn’t admit it, but its a great feature of the game

#4 Dead Rising 4
I’ve been a fan of this series since the beginning & the love for it hasn’t faded. My favourite is number 4, with Dead Rising you can be sure you aren’t going to get a serious game. You will be gifted with amazingly funny customisable weapons, funny costumes & crazy side missions!
This longevity of this game is immense, the main story is a decent length but by completing ‘side missions’ you can easily get another few hours out of it. I probably shouldn’t admit that B has a huge love for watching me play it. I may have a mild crush on the main character.

#5 Grand Theft Auto 5
Oh my gosh, yet another game series that I have loved since the beginning when you played from above haha!
This game had me hooked from the offset, the characters were likeable even if they were less than lovely. Whilst the game has its serious parts, there are plenty of absolute ‘tinkle taking moments’ *to put it politely*
The story was gripping & easy to keep up with. Even if some of the missions were gamer rage inducing!

#6 Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row is another fabulous game series that I’ve stuck with. It’s another huge open world game that once I start I literally cannot leave alone. Saints Row have AWESOME activities, I’d call them side missions but they are actually referred to as activities.
my favourite being ‘Insurance Fraud’ which as you guess it… You just have to run into cars, get flipped into the air, fall over, fall from buildings etc etc. Now it sounds easy but the amount of times I completely missed out of the goal was unreal. Clearly I’m too ‘goody two shoes’ for my own good.

#7 Spyro:Year Of The Dragon
Oh my gosh! This game is absolutely FANTASTIC. Play as a Dragon & collect gems what could be better! Charging around & breathing fire, what more could you want from a game.
I really wish I could get it for B, I know he would absolutely love it. The soundtrack for the game & background music is fantastic & as I was searching for a video for this post I realised how cool it really was.

#8 Crash Bandicoot: Warped
I just started playing this game again as they’ve remastered it. By far out of all 3 of the Crash Bandicoot the third is the best. It’s not the easiest game in the world, yes that sounds silly as a ‘gamer’ doesn’t it but I genuinely feel its actually quite hard.
Crash is a Bandicoot & a super cute one at that, he seems to be some kind of superstar. Beating numerous minor enemies & lots of major bosses.
Learning new moves as you beat each boss, to make your journey ‘easily’. NOT!

#9 The Last Of Us
I will admit now, I get far too into games to the point where I’ll get quite moody or upset if something goes wrong in the story. The Last of us was a bit of a killer for me. It’s not quite your usual survival horror game, it has an added element to it too. It’s about as real as I would expect it to be in real life. Other games go too far with being silly, weapons are still plentiful & the buildings are still together & well kept. Not with The Last Of Us.. oh no on the whole weapons are lacking as is ammo, the order of the day is avoid anything that could potentially hurt you. To be honest with you, thats most things in the game. Mutated humans are after your butt & you can be sure they’ll get it numerous times, well if you play anything like I do!

#10 Sonic
Yes, I know I’m going super retro here but I absolutely loved Sonic. I’m talking proper pixelated sonic, not the smooth well designed one of today! I remember playing on my Grandad’s sept daughters games console after Christmas Dinner thinking it was the best game ever! I don’t think much differently now, whilst its not the best game ever it is certain up there with some of the greats of today. You cannot beat a good bit of Retro Sonic! Loosing your rings was the most gutting thing you could experience 🙁

This list is just MY top 10 video games, please don’t tell me I’ve got it wrong !
What’s your favourite video game?