The lovely Naomi from Life By Naomi kindly tagged me to create my 20 wishes for 2017 post. Recently I am really getting into these style of posts, I feel they help you get to know me & give me time to reflect on myself.

5 Personal Wishes

To look after myself more
I really kick myself at this one somethings, it annoys me that I don’t automatically do it. From not drinking enough water to not regularly exfoliating my skin. How I look is very important to me & I like to try & keep myself looking as good as possible. Hydration should be the easiest but its one I seem to struggle with a lot lately.

That I can meet the man I’m going to marry
I am so over being single now, I hate being alone & not having someone to go to with the little issues that arise.
Whilst I don’t need a partner to make me happy, I know having the right person in my life would make me happier.
Even blogging would be easier because I would have someone rubbing my feet as I write this! Haha.

To not let people make me second guess myself
I desperately want to stop myself from listening to people & allowing them to make me feel like I need to second guess my dreams or ideas. I can be really confident about an idea but a fleeting comment or snide remark can make me completely second guess myself. I’m so gutted with myself that I let this happen so its something I really want to change.

To be a calmer person
I really let people get to me sometimes. It may be while driving or while I’m out with B.
I have awful road rage, I’ve been mildly better lately.
I really let people get to me when I’m out & about though, from dirty looks to snide comments. I sadly just can’t let them go.
It really annoys me that I can’t just ignore it, Its something I desperately want to change this year.

To better myself
I want to take a few courses this year & learn lots of new skills. From photography to web development. I want to be a whizz at it all. Well, I at least want to be able to do the basics.
Learning always makes you feel more positive about yourself so I’m also looking forward to more positivity from bettering myself.

5 Family Wishes

To get B swimming
B completely fell out of love with swimming before he turned 1 & has since refused to go back near a swimming pool. I’m desperate to get him back in the pool & learning. I used to be able to swim but for some reason my body now completely refuses to comply. I don’t want B to fear the water, I want him to love it & be completely confident.

To have a mini family holiday
Whether its at Disneyland Paris or Chessington World Of Adventures. I want to have at least one mini break with B, I’ve never had this before. We’ve always had his dad with us. I’d love to try taking him away on my own. Well, I’ll brave it soon & let you know how it goes!

To go on more forest walks
B loves to explore & loved the forest walk we took last year, sadly its been far too cold & wet to go recently. I’d love to make forest walks & explorations a weekly tradition. Exploring by finding fairy baths & special leaves while getting fit at the same time.

To try new places
Its so easy to get stuck into a rut of visiting the same places over & over. We love our usual haunts but I want to get B used to visiting different places, its also fun for us to explore new places together.
I want to visit Theme Parks & new local attractions, making the most of our time before B goes to nursery!

To spend more time crafting
Me & B haven’t crafted anything this year. He seems to have really fallen out of love with art which I don’t want to happen. This year I want to make sure that we spend time making bits & pieces together. Painting & colouring in are what I’m most looking forward to.

5 Blog Wishes

To attend Toy fairs & blogging events
I cannot wait to attend these conventions. I am so excited. I desperately want to look at all the new up & coming toys.
I enjoy meeting brands & chatting so I’d absolutely love the interaction at these types of places. I even enjoy watching them on YouTube, I have managed to get some great present ideas from watching them.

To do more giveaways
I absolutely love treating people & as a result giveaways are one of my favourite things to do. I have a fantastic relationship with a few brands & I can’t thank them enough for their kind prizes they’ve gifted to some of my readers.
Giveaways are such a lovely way of treating people.

To work with new brands
I absolutely love the brands I already work with but I would love to have new faces to add to my list of clients. I love writing blogs, reviewing products & doing promotional style videos. B would also love for me to work with the likes of the people who make Shopkins, Mash’ems & Num Noms!

To publish at least 2 new blog posts a week!
This, of course, isn’t always achievable but lately I have been hitting that target & even exceeding it sometimes. I absolutely love writing so it isn’t too difficult to sit & write. Sometimes though other posts take longer due to their length or their difficulty! I do love a challenge though & I love writing something thats a bit different for me every so often!

To get a higher TOTS score
I’m finding this one exceptionally difficult lately, I feel that I have rocketed ahead with all of my stats but I’m only moving very slowly forward. I am currently in the 900’s & aim to be in the 500’s by June. Aiming/ praying you know what I mean!

5 Hopes

That the human species becomes loving, or at least tolerant
I know this is a lot to ask for but its something that I’d really love. As a race we are far too self centered, we sometimes forget how lucky we are to be able to switch on a tap & clean water come out.
It also seems that people really don’t seem to care about others lately purely due to the colour of their skin or their religious beliefs. Lucky can change for any one of us, we shouldn’t think ourselves higher than any other person.
I would love for people to get on, to care for their families, to pay attention to the homeless & try to talk to them but it all seems out of peoples grasps.

That we have a good summer
I don’t really remember last years summer very well. I remember having some really nice days but never any scorchers where you didn’t want to be out. I hope we have at the very least, a summer equal to what I remember of last year. Coupled along with some fab days out!

That people don’t leave things too late
By this I mean everything from health to love, if you’ve got worrying symptoms get them checked. Leaving them too long won’t help matters & you could end up leaving something that in the beginning, would have been easily treated. As for love, if you have feelings for someone then you really have to let them know. You never know what the next day has in store for you, be open & say how you feel. DO NOT LEAVE THINGS TOO LATE.

That people will appreciate the education they are given
I’ve seen it all too much lately, people are not appreciating the free education they are gifted with. Its so sad that people treat their education so poorly when there are people in other parts of the world who would do ANYTHING to have even one lesson let alone a full day 5 days a week. Granted, not all schools are good but people should really appreciate what we are given. We are exceptionally lucky & should appreciate it.

That dietary requirements will be catered for at more restaurants
Very few restaurants seem to cater people who have special dietary requirements. As a person who follows a Vegan diet, I find every few places actually have any dishes openly available for us. They seem to sometimes alter non vegan meals to be vegan by removing the cheese for instance or meat but very few openly offer vegan dishes sadly. What makes it worse is that you can do such amazing Vegan meals & as its becoming a more common thing. I’m so surprised we are so behind in the times.

These are my wishes,
What are yours?
I’m tagging Bethany at A Blonde And A Baby, Clare at Neon Rainbow Blog & Lisa at Pass The Prosecco Please