The lovely Cara from Lyla’s Angels has kindly nominated me to take part in ‘The 20 facts about me challenge’.
Bare with me as I take you on a weird & wonderful journey through my life.

Little B & Me owner

#1 I used to be a goth, yep.. A full blown goth. Screaming angry music & an interesting dress sense! I sometimes look back & can’t believe I had the balls to go out dressed the way I did. Whilst I don’t regret that phase, I do wish some of my clothing hadn’t been so risquΓ©!

#2 I used to dream of being a famous model. I was quite literally obsessed at being on the front Cover of Nuts or Zoo. I did model but not to the level I dreamed of, I soon realised it wasn’t anything amazing & in fact was quite awful! Its not a career I miss at all.

#3 I never fully finished a ‘normal’ education. I left secondary school when I was 14 after being bullied, I went on to teach myself from home & took my GCSE Math at a private college. Lets just say it didn’t help, I am still beyond useless at math. Thanks Mum & Dad for the Β£3,000 it cost you but I am a maths failure!

#4 I gave birth without pain relief. Don’t get me wrong after 3 hours in the birthing pool with no progression I was completely deflated & screaming for help but I managed! Completely pain relief free. I was just an awful woman that day though, very shouty & rude haha!

#5 I foster for Cats Protection, its something I love doing & it makes me so happy when a cat I’ve looked after finds their fur-ever home! I’ve probably fostered over 50 cats in the time I’ve been fostering. Yes 1 point for being a crazy cat lady.

#6 I dreamed of being a Forensic Scientist, turns out I’m not bright enough. I have a diploma in Forensic Science but never got any further with it due to my lack of other qualifications. At the very least I can pick out all the incorrect procedures on police programmes & CSI!

#7 I have a curved spine, they have no idea why I have it but as Alan Carr would say ‘Its all natural’. It no longer gives me any issues & most people don’t even notice till I show them. I hate it as its probably taken atleast an inch off of my height πŸ™ * I wrote this part a few days ago- sadly my back has started giving me major issues*

#8 I follow a Vegan diet. No meat, dairy or eggs. I feel so good for it & my skin has pretty much completely cleared up.
I don’t miss anything really & I’m proud of the fact I’m vegan. The food is yummy & no I don’t just eat salad, in fact I don’t even eat salad!

#9 I’ve had cosmetic surgery. I have no issue with people having surgery as long as they want it for themselves & not because of anyone else. I was completely unhappy after losing breast size after coming off of contraception so I decided to pay for a Breast Augmentation with Nilesh Sojitra. I went from a 30B to a 30F. I have however lost size again after having B so I plan to have them re-done sometime in the near future. I have also had lip fillers, I am so happy with them & they give me a fab confidence boost.

#10 I used to be a photographic retoucher & video editor for a ‘adult natured’ website. I genuinely loved that job, I would work my butt off from 10am till 3am & I thoroughly enjoyed it. I taught myself everything for the job & even learned to maintain the WordPress based website once the site went live. I felt like it was my site as I was there form the beginning. Sadly I no longer work there!

#11 I have issues with my inner ear & it affects my balance. Sadly this means I can never go on any ride that spins & I even struggle watching people spinning. Its something that can affect me really badly but I’ve had an MRI scan & nothing came up so they have no idea why I suffer! Sometimes it only takes me turning too quickly to make me feel dizzy :-(.

#12 I’ve had my jaw moved & my teeth straightened. I absolutely hated the jaw movement as it was so uncomfortable & made me look AWFUL! Its all been worth it & all in all I’m pretty darn happy with my teeth.

#13 I have no tattoos & I’ve taken all of my piercings out. People are surprised I have no tattoos when they see my father as he is heavily tattooed. Its sent me the complete other way, whilst I don’t HATE tattoos I just don’t wish to have any on myself.

#14 I have awful road rage, when people see me they assume I’m lovely & sweet… BUT they are wrong. It seems when I get behind the wheel of my car I turn into the female devil! I’m not aggressive for no reason, I just get very angry when I am wronged or when someone doesn’t thank me HAHA!

#15 I have an addiction to cleaning. My house may not always be tidy( Thank you B ) but it is always clean. Just now I’m on a break from bleaching my floors, I love the smell & I love to see a surface sparkling clean. This addiction started when I was pregnant & got awful OCD! Its stayed with me but not to such a harsh degree.

#16 I never wanted children. I was so sure I never wanted children, back then I would have put money on me never having them. I would get so so angry when people would say that I’d change my mind… Haha they were right though. My reasonings for getting pregnant were probably wrong but my partner at the time made me change my viewpoint on having a child.

#17 I used to want to change my name, I am so embarrassed that when I was about 5 & again when I was around 15 I genuinely wanted to change my name. When I was 5 I wanted to be called Shannon after the girl from Home & Away, then when I was 15… don’t judge me.. Polly or Mercedes HAHAHA! Oh what was I thinking !

#18 I am completely teetotal! I used to drink before I was legally allowed to & this perhaps showed me there is nothing special about alcohol. I have never even been drunk & I’m actually quite proud of that fact. Its nice to wake up knowing what you’ve done the night before, with your phone & all your money still in the bank. Oh and before you say it you DON’T need alcohol to have fun!

#19 I love to game, console gaming that is! I was bought up with my father playing Resident Evil & Silent Hill, the love of gaming has never left me. My favourites are of course still Resident Evil & Silent Hill but I have a firm love of Far Cry, Dead Rising, Dead Island & Grand Theft Auto. My main loved genre would have to be horror, I can’t explain why but I just always tend to go towards a horror game if I have the choice. I get weirdly attached to games & I get far too into the story lines, I’m pretty sure I’ve cried at Silent Hill before.

#20 A clairvoyant once told my mum I would be in a newspaper sprawled over a double spread. He said it wouldn’t be seedy but that I would be in the paper. After that I went a bit nuts so I decided to get singing lessons( #FAIL ), lets say I only went to one & that was enough for me to realise I’d never be a singer. There is still time for me to get my double page spread in a paper, lets just hope its for something great & not for something embarrassing haha!

I hope you enjoyed reading these, some of them did make me giggle when I typed them out.

<3 <3 I am nominating my beautiful friend Swanny who can be found at Swanny.Me to take the challenge next. As well as these lovely bloggers Sparkles At Midnight, Tam Loves Tea, Ordinality, Velondista &Ami-Rose <3 <3