Whilst I was pregnant I never thought about what life would be like as a parent, I never dreamed of the weird things I’d love about being a Mummy. This lists was beyond easy to compile, if you like my blog idea please feel free to do your own 5 things & post them in the comment section so I can share them!
So here are my 5 things I love about being a parent.

#1 The unconditional love

Your child will love you regardless of how you look or smell! Having a bad hair day? NO WORRIES, your child will love you anyway. Poo in your toes? Not a problem, they probably projectile plopped it there anyway.
This is one of my favourite things about being a parent, I can feel really crap about myself but 5 minutes later B will come bounding over with all the love in the world for me! He loves me whether I’m fresh faced or covered in make-up. He never judges me for how I look,  just how I act with him & the little things I do for him.
Saying that though, if I dare open a Kinder Egg for him then that love soon disappears haha!

#2 The progression & journey

I really love seeing B develop & grow as the days go past. All this development because of things I’ve taught him! I’ve helped him learn & discover & that thought is AMAZING!!
When you sit & really think about your childs progression its shocking, today he tried his first full on conversation with me that actually made complete sense. He also managed to accept affection & give affection without bursting into tears.
He has made more progression in these past few months than I can even keep up with, some changes I don’t even notice straight away.
I appreciate & love them all though, even these terrible new tantrums.

Progression image of B from being little to 2 years old

#3 The change in myself

I used to think I was confident & strong but I soon realised how untrue that was when I had B. I wasn’t shy or weak before, I just wasn’t the person I am today. I’m happy to walk into a room where I know no-one & interact with them. I’m prepared to stand up to people, I hate seeing people being walked over or spoken down to.
My attitude towards people has changed, I prefer to empower other women rather than speaking down to them, I understand people have issues that aren’t always black & white or obvious & most importantly I feel I’m more loving & caring than I have ever been.
Whilst I have my off days I’m still a better person now than I was before B.

#4 The different people you meet

I’ve met my best friends through having B, friends that I never dreamt I’d have. These friends have been there for me more than people that I’ve known since I was little. I trust my life & B’s life with them.
You’re always going to meet bad friends & bad people whether you have children or not but I’m pretty sure B’s love & positivity has bought me some of the most AMAZING friends a person could wish for.
These friends understand you on a completely different level, they don’t judge you when your child tantrums or when you’re 30 minutes late & they don’t even mind when you arrive at their house with a tantruming child having been 30 minutes late with unbrushed hair & toothpaste down your top.
Sending love my favourites.
Picture of me & my great mummy friends

#5 Constant companionship

Now this isn’t always welcomed as sometimes you want your alone time but I love being a parent, it means I have a constant companion next to me ready to talk. His conversations may not always make sense & I may want to pull my hair out after some of them but at the end of the day… I still love them!
I talk to him as we walk around Tesco about the most pointless stuff that he usually doesn’t have a clue about but he’ll talk back & its usually nothing to do with what I was saying but hey, he’s trying. I’ve realised when I’m alone I still tend to talk to him & then realise he’s not there & get super embarrassed. For instance, I once had a full blown conversation in front of people with him, only to realise a short time later that I was in fact on my own!  I was mortified especially because people were watching me with confused looks on their faces!

You can be down but a simple word or action from your child can brighten up your day.
My reasons for loving being a parent are simple, I’d love to hear yours
Love Me <3