It’s becoming ever more important to support local small businesses, putting money into your local area & potentially creating jobs for those who need them. There are so many ways supporting these local businesses can benefit the community & of course benefit the owner of the business also.
Make sure to check out all the below companies & please share their goods if you love them as much as I did.

Jack’n’Roo : Personalised for you.

Jack’n’Roo make fantastic personalised wooden gifts. These range from Christmas Eve boxes (From £25 plus) to Wine boxes (£17.50). My favourite product is the Christmas Eve box, this can be empty or filled. I’m quite into wooden products at the moment & these are right up my street!
Visit Jack’N’Roo On Facebook.
Jack'N'Roo Personalised For You

Rason Independent Works

Rason Independent Works undertake a whole range of services but my favourite has to be their sand ‘picnic’ table! The sand part of the table is where you’d expect a table top to be, I love this idea as usually sand tables are pretty ugly. Having a table like this is the garden would fit in far more & you probably wouldn’t even realise what it was for unless someone mentioned it.
Rason Idependent Works also do bespoke projects, alongside a handyman service also.
Be sure to check out all of their products especially the Sand table & bed, which you can see on their website here.


Simplistitch make simple and contemporary cross stitch and papercraft products. Their cards are to die for & I absolutely love their cross stitch samplers. In the best possible sense they remind me of my nan’s house<3 I love this ladies product ideas, I can't say I've ever seen similar elsewhere. Visit Simplistitch on their Etsy business page.
Simplistitch products

Sara’s Sweet Treats & Party Cones

Hungry? Don’t read any further! Sara sells SWEETIES, from sweet cones to individual ‘penny’ style sweets. I absolutely love that Sara posts the detailed ingredient list for each item she sells, as a Vegan I find this extremely valuable. I would feel very uncomfortable messaging over & over to confirm what ingredients the sweeties have.
I’ve got to stop talking about her products now because I’m getting very hungry & I have no Vegan sweeties in the house.
If you’ve got a sweet tooth head on over to Sara’s Sweet Treats & Party Cones.

Paintable Party Plaster Of Hertfordshire

This is something I can’t wait to do with B, I just can’t wait to paint plaster! It may sound odd but I can’t wait till he asks to paint a little ornament with me! I don’t need to look any further than this local company.
They’ll provide plaster moulds or if you’re having a party they’ll come & entertain the little ones.
I can’t wait to order some of her moulds for me & B to destroy… I mean decorate.
Fancy being creative or stuck for something different to have at your child’s party then head on over to Paintable Party Plaster Of Hertfordshire’s site.
Paintable Party Plaster Of Hertfordshire

Nellienoo Fudge

Again, if you’re hungry.. I highly recommend you skip reading haha!
As their name suggests Nellienoo sell FUDGE, whilst at this present moment I can’t consume any of their products I can admire their beauty & imagine what they taste like.
I personally think the Mint Aero Fudge looks AMAZING! They do fruity, they do nutty, they do sweet sensations.. Yes you are right, they describe me perfectly!
I’m not a fudge connoisseur but they appear to do all types of fudge I can think of.
Got a sweet tooth? Head over to their website, Nellienoo Fudge.

Emelia Rose Jewellery

I should never have looked at this website, for I have fallen for a very expensive ring. Emelia specialises in homemade & bespoke jewellery in all metals!
If Rings, pendents & earrings take your fancy then this company is for you.
Men if you need an engagement ring for your partner then I recommend checking Emelia Rose’s Jewellery out!
My personal favourite is this beaut:
I am now currently sat dreaming of Emelia’s products as I write this post, if you are too then head on over to her website, Emelia Rose Jewellery.

I hope you love my local business finds, PLEASE support your local businesses/small companies!
I’ll be doing more business boost posts soon, be sure to check back!

Little B & Me x