Little B & Me

Water bottles are one item I can’t settle on. If B likes one, it leaks or it comes recommended by dentists but B can’t get used to it. As a result of these issues I have probably spent around £50 to £100 on water bottles. Money I would much have preferred be spent elsewhere.
I am an impulsive buyer & at my chosen supermarket, Tesco, I tend to try whatever is on a deal. This isn’t the way to do it though! Think your choices through to avoid wasting money.
Here are 5 bottles we have tried & recommend.



Its a weird looking one isn’t it but don’t judge a book by it’s cover.
The Doidy cups slanted appearance helps little one learn to drink from the rim of a cup instead of a teat or sprout.
Your best bet is to try your child with this cup in the summer months whilst you’re in the garden, that way there’s no chance of little, or indeed big feet, slipping on spilt water! Of course its not always a possibility so when your little one does first try this cup keep a muslin or cloth to mop up the little spills.
This cup may take some time but the upshot to this cup is its supposed to be better for little ones teeth. The fact that my son wants to be ahead for his age & act grown up helps with this cup as it resembles more of an adult type mug. He wants to use one like mummies!
Lets hope it works for you in the same way.

Price: £2.99 (Bickiepegs)
What age can I use this: 3months +



This cup has quickly become Little B’s favourite cup, it looks grown up & it makes him feel like a big boy!
I was given this cup by one of my very good friends and was reluctant to try B with it as I couldn’t quite work out how to use it myself.
It is actually extremely simple, little one places their lips over the rim and simply by sucking anywhere around the rim of the cup they get a sip of water. They can drink from any point around the rim and after they have finished the valve automatically seals to stop any chance of leaking.
The Munchkin Miracle cup is better for little ones teeth & it also helps with the transition to an open cup.
I bought B the larger version of this cup today, to say he was thrilled would be an understatement, he cried till I let him hold it in the trolley and ALL THE WAY HOME!
This cup is quite expensive at £5 but I feel if I would have tried this cup first & stuck with it, that it would have been the only cup I bought.

Price: £5 (Munchkin)
What age can I use this: 6 months +

busy sipper beaker nuby


This was one of my Tesco impulse buys, it was half price, it looked sweet & I thought….WHY NOT!
I swear Tesco’s see me coming every time I step foot in that shop.
The Busy Sipper beaker is a simple free flow pop up sprout beaker that makes little one feel grown up.
We had no issues getting used to this bottle & he will still use it now, I tend to keep it for trips out though. It doesn’t leak so I am more than happy to carry it in my own handbag.
B particularly likes the pink colouring on this beaker, he is a fan of the colour pink.
Although its been dropped and kicked around this bottle is still in perfect working order & doesn’t leak. I’m pretty sure my child should be the tester for bottles to check that they are able to withstand lots of abuse. He is available for hire, please contact me for his fee HAHA.
I’m going to call this ‘Our chosen travel beaker/bottle’

Price: £1.99 (Nuby)
What age can I use this: 18 months +

nuby freeflow flip it beaker


Yet another impulse buy at Tesco, I have bought around 5 of these bottles as they were B’s favourite. The reasoning for so many was because a certain someone used to throw them on the ground when we used to take him for walks in the summer on his trike!
This was one of the easier bottles for B to get used to, so was a firm favourite last Summer.
Due to its shape its exceptionally easy to grip, unfortunately, it also made it exceptionally easy for B to chuck.
We have, however, had issues with our two latest versions of these & have had to contact Nuby to rectify the issue. They are amazing & quickly got us new ones in the post.
We no longer use these bottles but we keep them in the cupboard as back ups.

Price: 99P (Nuby)
What age can I use this: 12 months +



Oh, okay, yes, this was yet another impulse buy at Tesco. I liked the look of it so thought… WHY NOT!
B took to this bottle straight away & we still use it now.
The special valve in the cup is supposed to mean that it will only let water through when your little one takes a sip, this is true however you must check you have spout fully in place & that it hasn’t come out of the area its supposed to be in. A brilliant feature to this cup is the insulated double wall, which ensures drinks keep lovely and cool! It keeps the drinks cooler for longer but doesn’t make little ones hands cold which is brilliant, I think as adults we wouldn’t mind similar!

Price: £4.49 (Nuby)
What age can I use this: 18 to 24 months +