Turning back the clock to when I was pregnant, I was adamantly against a baby shower. It may have been because I was struggling so much with my mental health but I flat out refused to have one, not that I’d have had that many people there…. That may have played a factor in me refusing too. Now B is three I wish I’d had the experience of a baby shower with all the friends I have now, I’ve got kind adept at organising these & noticing what works.

Planning a baby shower? Here’s what you need to know

I’m just going to break it down for you, they’ll be things you may have already covered but hopefully I’ll give you some fresh ideas.

Location – The place we choose can really make or break a party. The wrong location can mean people get stressed, for instance, my mum hired a pub for my dads 40th Birthday Party. Only what they promised us wasn’t what we got & just ended up making me feel exceptionally uncomfortable & fed up all night.

When it comes to a baby shower you need a calm, happy & friendly location, especially if friends bring their children. You don’t want to have it in a pub & have other punters moaning because you have crying babies or happy laughing ladies, because clearly to some thats so offensive.. Us women having fun!

I would personally look for a side room of a pub or ideally a small local village hall! That way you’ve got the run of the place. I’ve previously been to one baby shower in a village hall & it was a lot less stressful than the bar based baby showers. There was plenty for B to do & I didn’t have to worry that some old geezer at the bar would get moody because B was having fun!
That being said a baby shower at someones house is a brilliant & cost effective alternative.

Be sure to fit the location with the person, we all have different personalities so make sure your choice fits the parent/parents to be!!

Decorations – Its important to get the decorations right, especially if you want to get some brilliant pictures of the ‘Parent to be’s’ special day! Baby shower decorations are now far more widely available than they were a few years back but I do recommend heading to a local party planner/party supplier to get the best!
For instance, the lady who rescued me from decoration disaster at B’s Third Birthday was Party Ease. She has so many fabulous products for sale & plenty of baby shower decorations & ideas!
By contacting a supplier they’ll be able to give you everything you need for a fabulously decorated room or hall! I would personally stick to one shop or supplier for decorations so you keep the theme throughout.

baby shower

Bunting is very cute & seems to be ‘in’ at the moment so going for that & perhaps one or two banners would be a lovely mix, throw in some balloons & table decorations & you’ve got yourself one amazingly decorated baby shower. There is no need to go overboard but themeing the party is a fabulous idea. Whether you go for simple & elegant or bright & exciting, it’s to make the parent to be happy!

Food & Drinks – I’m a huge lover of food & especially a good buffet, which is rather more difficult now I’m a vegan! Keeping people fed & watered is a sure fire way of keeping people happy! You by no means have to go over the top but the very basic layout you should have is a buffet, baby shower cake & drinks.
Below are some ideas of cakes you could have made, these fabulous ones were made by the amazing Bellalicious Cake Company

baby shower

I can confirm her cakes taste as good as they look & she even caters for dietary requirements. She recently made me some amazing vegan cupcakes & a huge vegan brownie traybake.

If you’d like to push the boat out why not have sweets! Now these don’t have to be laid out in the normal way you could present them like our local company ‘Sam’s Sweet Treats‘ do;
baby shower

Their sweet cart is awesome, although I can’t eat many sweet I would just HAVE to have one of these! Look how amazing it looks…plus sweets are the BEST. It also would be an amazing talking point, during the party & certainly after too.

If your party isn’t being held at a bar then drinks are something you need to make sure you have plenty of Supermarkets regularly do fabulous deals on fizzy pop & wine( if you’re having drinks at the baby shower ). I managed to get all the drinks for B’s third birthday for under £20 & there was plenty. Just remember its better that you have too much food & drink than too little.

Fun & Games – These can be really hit & miss depending on the person whose party it is & the games chosen. Years ago I remember watching a TV programme & one of the games at the baby shower was ‘Guess The Chocolate Bar’ only the chocolate bar was smeared in a nappy to make it look like poop! At the time baby showers weren’t really a thing here so I wasn’t sure how to take it. I have to admit now I find that idea for a game rather hilarious!

You can literally do whatever games you want, popular choices are ‘whose baby picture is this’, ‘guess the babies weight’, ‘guess the due date’ etc.
A friend of the family had a lovely large baby shower which included partners & children. She had a few games on the go all of which I thought were superb. Guess the name of the teddy, guess the due date/birth weight & guess how many sweets are in the bottle. My mum managed to win the teddy but I thought the games which were placed on a table at the edge of the room were a fabulous addition. No one was forced into them & everyone found them great fun!

I have to say I absolutely hate having games imposed on me & would much prefer the choice to take part but everyone is different. Make sure the games suit the person, you’ll know what they’d like so work around them.
After having a quick search online there’s ideas everywhere & some of them I’d have never ever thought of. Remember to buy prizes though! So no one goes away empty handed.

Presents – For the baby showers that I’ve been to we decided to come together & make up a lovely bundle of essentials! The items differed between the two mummies we did it for but I absolutely loved heading out & getting little bits that would really help mum out in the first few weeks/months. This is a fantastic option as it can cost anywhere from £10 to £100’s. You can fit it to your budget & it will always look fabulous.

baby shower

The above image has 2 of the bundles myself & my friends made up & two pre made items from The Baby Bag Company who are a local small business in the Hertfordshire area.
The Baby Bag Company offer pre-made bundles & absolutely beautiful baby bags, these are fabulous ideas for baby shower gifts.
Something that is stylish but useful. My parents kindly got me a gorgeous baby bag & its something I used day in day out for AGES.

A lot of the time the parent or parents are forgotten about & they don’t get any treats, after being pregnant for so long the stress gets to you & a treat would really hit the spot. Try booking a spa treatment or day spa trip for the parent/parents to be. If its something small then treat them to some nice pamper bits, a lovely bubble bath or lush bath bomb would be brilliant.

If all else fails VOUCHERS are brilliant, babies & kids in general always need things. Be it new clothes, a bouncer or a new toy, a voucher for somewhere like John Lewis or Mothercare would be a fabulous present. That way the parents can choose what they need!

So there you have it, my handy tips & ideas for organising a baby shower, remember not to stress & just make it the best you can.