I don’t remember too much of this stage of my pregnancy but I look back at it as my ‘sane’ stage. That stage sadly wasn’t to last.
I started to get a little worried about silly things at this stage but not so much so that it affected my day to day life like it did in my Third trimester.
I was working whenever I could at this point & whilst setting up my work laptop in my bedroom I got a small electric shock from the charger. That was it I was on google desperately searching about electric shocks in pregnancy, I saw one report stating that a lady had lost her baby after a small zap from a hairdryer. I was distraught & in such a mess. I managed to calm myself down & kept it to myself, I was really embarrassed about telling people of my worries.
A few weeks later I was on an escalator & I received another zap, yet again I was on Doctor Google winding myself up to such a degree that I thought my son would die or was already dead. I soon came up with a way of checking baby was alright without letting anyone know of my worries.

My little idea was to book a private sexing scan, this took place when I was 16 weeks pregnant, I think I even made sure it was perfectly on 16 weeks. I booked my scan at Verulam Clinic & I finally felt calmer about the electric shock situation, I look back now & can laugh about it but at the time I was going crazy with worry. I didn’t tell anyone about this scan, other than my ex & went along together.
I wasn’t sure either way what I was having but my ex was convinced I was having a boy, or maybe I should say praying that I was carrying a boy. This was my third scan & I felt much more relaxed, it didn’t hurt at all. The lovely lady checked baby over & then told us the news that I was carrying a little boy! I’m pretty sure my ex wanted to scream with joy that it wasn’t a girl. This scan was brilliant & we even got to hear our son’s heartbeat.
We received some lovely images, this being the one I posted to Facebook to let everyone know our lovely news.
16 week sexing scan

When we left I decided to phone my dad & my ex phoned my mum, neither of them knew we were having the scan done so they were both shocked, my mum more than my dad. To this day we don’t know exactly what my ex said but it was something about being happy that we weren’t having a little girl. I did expect to feel happier in my relationship at this point but it never did come, we should have realised long before this that we shouldn’t have been a couple. Each passing day was just adding more hate & negativity into our ‘relationship’.
I saw him once a week for the entire time of my pregnancy & then we only spent 3 hours of that day together, this suited me fine as we really didn’t get along.

At around the same time as the sexing scan I had my first appointment with my midwife, her name was Melissa & she seemed nice enough.
We went through the information from my previous scan, she tested my tinkle(urine) & then she explained my next scan, the anomaly scan. I will admit that I mildly worried about the results of my Down’s syndrome test, looking back I don’t think there was a point in my pregnancy where I didn’t worry about one thing or another. This appointment was actually the first time I heard my sons heartbeat I think, I can’t quite remember if the scan came before this haha! I wish I could blame baby brain but that time has long gone, so I will blame ‘MUMMY BRAIN’!
My anomaly scan was booked & off I trudged home, alone as usual.

The only person who got me through my pregnancy was my friend Amie who I met through my then partner. She calmed me down & kept me up to date with all the information I could possibly ever need! I can’t thank her enough for being there for me. Weirdly, Amie & her partner were the reason we decided to get pregnant, we wanted to be happy just like them. ‘JUST LIKE THEM’ occurred a lot in my life around this time.

My 20 week pregnancy scan came around & I decided to invite my mum to come as well as my ex. I was still barely showing at this point & only saw my belly for the first time after guzzling a tonne of water. This was quite a nice scan, my mum gave me the reaction I was expecting from my ex. So YES 1 point to me, I made someone cry at my scan YAY.
This scan was painless but did carry an air of dread around it due to its importance at looking into abnormalities baby could have.  I was far too distracted as I was desperately holding in a wee. Thankfully this scan was clear & I bounded off home, wee leaking as I ran… I am of course joking.
20 week scan & belly picture

Life plodded on as normal, I started to worry about little things but nothing big enough to mention. At 25 weeks pregnant I had another midwife appointment. I don’t remember much from this midwife appointment but I did start having a training midwife come to my appointments with me, I was her case study, she was so lovely!

At around this time I had the pleasure of meeting Susan, Susan Boil to be exact. Susan was & still is my boil that I got from shaving. I was happy to leave Susan to ‘dissipate’ itself but sadly it didn’t & it got so bad that I could hardly walk so I had to take a trip to the doctors. I was prescribed antibiotics, Flucloxicillin to be exact. That was yet another thing I panicked about taking. However my mind was put to rest after consulting the pharmacist, my midwife friend, her other midwife friend & my cosmetic surgeon. It didn’t take many medical professionals to put my mind at ease did it, HA! I had to take these antibiotics twice in my pregnancy & I think this was the turning point of my happiness.

The last nice thing I remember from my second trimester of pregnancy was my 4D scan. I had this private scan done at the same place as my sexing scan. This one was in the evening & it meant that both of my parents could come, It was my dads first time seeing my baby on the big screen, I was so excited for him.
This scan was such a lovely experience for us all & we all enjoyed it!
I went for the top priced scan as I wanted everything I could possibly have as a momento of my pregnancy. The price included, a CD of pictures, 2 printed images & a 4D video of B! It was SO amazing & I’d recommend it to every pregnant person.
3D Baby scan

This is where you bid me farewell,
Writing this second trimester out as a blog has been shocking.
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