The story you are about to read has been written by my good friend Donna, I met Donna via a Mums Meet page & we’ve been meeting up weekly ever since! I haven’t known her long but she is one of the loveliest people I have ever met. When I met her I didn’t realise the story behind her beautiful twin boys, B refers to them as ‘The Bye Bye boys’. She’s told me her story & I wanted to share it with you!

Donna’s Story

When I was 18 if not before I knew I would have trouble conceiving naturally, call it instinct, I just knew even though Drs kept saying it would happen.
Fast forward to when I hit 30, I met a fab guy, I told him that I wouldnt be able to have kids unless it was with help & it didnt phase him at all.
I went to see my GP because I was having major issues with painful periods, again I brought up my failure to get pregnant & I was refered to a fertility gynaecologist.
I had loads and loads of tests including 2 x laparoscopy, 2 x operations, 1 to remove a polyp and the other a fibroid which I named Burt!
I had 6 months of clomid and nothing, hmmm ok then off for more appointments, I was told I was too fat and that I needed to lose weight! Well thanks for that!
Off I went and lost weight to be told on the 14th December 2012 that I was now fully compliant with NHS guidelines for fertility treatment whoooohooo Merry Christmas to me!

February 2013 was my first ever appointment, it was at a london clinic. My god they were so nice, lots of questions were asked and more tests were needed!
1 of the tests was AMH which tests the quality of eggs, mine were poor for someone of my age but never fear its ok.
After all the tests I was what they called ‘unexplained’. Hmmmm no reason for me not to fall pregnant so far!!

May 2013 came & I undertook my first ever round of IVF! Oh my days I was so excited!
The Day of my period arrived, here we go, lets do this.
I asked my partner if he wanted to help do the injections, he flatly refused so instead decided to watch whilst I did it myself, he nearly threw up in his Cheerios. I was laughing so much.
After 10 days of injections and scans I was ready for egg collection, MR went off and done his thing which wasn’t pleasant for him, loads of pressure!
I went off for a nice sleep & came round to be told they had collected 15 eggs, yay!

Fast forward 3 days and 4 had fertilised but the clinic made a massive error so I was left with 1.
15 days later I started to bleed, my lil embie didnt make it.
We went off to the clinic 3 months later to start again, this time it was different, I was treated differently. My frertilisation rates were shocking this time round, we were doing ICSI.

For the second round I injected for 12 days, I had 3 lots of injections to take on a daily basis plus I had my trigger shot so that made it 4 per day!!!!
The second round was touch and go as I had 3 massive cysts that engulfed my ovaries, they weren’t hopeful, however the egg collection went ahead as planned.
This time I had 11 eggs collected and ICSI happened, which is where they inject the sperm into the egg.
The Next day I got the call to say 8 eggs had been fertilised whoooop whooop!

Day 3 arrives & I still have 5 embroys.
Day 5 arrives and its transfer day 10th of December 2013 eeeek!
I was told I had 3 left, 2 were top embryos, Wow, and 1 was a little behind. Did I want 2 put back?! The Decision was made & 2 went back, I was nervous as hell. I Watched the screen as 2 white balls went back into me! Now for the nervous wait…
This is what we all call ‘PUPO’- Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. I hated waiting, I tried to chill and lead a normal life, but it was near impossible.

My test day arrived, 20th of December 2013, I was PREGNANT!!! OMG it bloody worked!
I felt every single emotion run through my body.
6th of January 2014 was when it was confirmed that I had a viable pregnancy, with twins, holy crap! Que loads of tears, happy tears though… VERY happy tears.

I made it to 32 weeks and had to give birth to my beautiful boys who truely are a miracle in more ways than one.
Fast forward 2 years and they are running around with no serious problems, I am always forever thankful to IVF for giving me my boys.

Please check out Donna’s fantastic IVF Facebook Page, raising awareness & offering support for those going through IVF