We headed to Paultons Park earlier this year & its somewhere that I wholeheartedly recommend,
I can’t wait to head back but in the meantime I wanted to write this blog post so you too can join us at this fabulous park.

10 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Paultons Park

#1 Brilliant value for money – Just over £27.25 for a ticket for a park of this size is AMAZING value for money. We tend to go for the stay & play style option where we stay at a local hotel & head to the park 2 days running. Booking a short break gives you the chance of 2 for 1 on tickets!
The price of a ticket here is the same as a farm local to me, this place has SO many rides & SO much to do!
Oh wait & those under 1 metre tall are FREE!

#2 Peppa Pig World – I think this is what draws the majority of people in, the lure of Peppa Pig! Well our children are obsessed & we have no choice hey! We’ve been one before & came for 2 days, both days we visited Peppa Pig World & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I absolutely love the theming & B absolutely loved his experience there. The area is done SO well & people easily spend an entire day in PPW !

Peppa Pig World

#3 The Staff – Staff, in my opinion, can make or break a attraction & they DEFINITELY make this place even better. I didn’t come across one moody or rude member of staff. They were approachable & exceptionally kind. One of our favourite staff members was Lewis who was running one of the carnival style games. He encouraged B & really helped him win, B has a soft spot for him now. Ride staff were also lovely, it was nice not to feel like their effort was a big deal. We have been to other place where just asking if we can go on a ride seems like the biggest deal in the world.

#4 Cleanliness – This is something that really bothers me about locations, the cleanliness or lack of. Thankfully at Paultons Park thats not an issue. The park is well kept, the paint work, theming & statues etc, are kept clean & bright. Cleanliness might not be the height of things on some peoples list but it is a big factor on how I judge somewhere.
The toilets were clean & smelt good, hard to keep on top of but they manage it.
You won’t find rubbish on the floor here or unkept areas, they are hot on it.

#5 Kiddy Coasters – B is now a huge fan of rollercoasters thanks to his first trip to Paultons Park. They do rollercoasters right! The two simple ‘easy going’ coasters are SO much fun. They are so well suited to little ones & they quickly became something B wanted to go on over & over & over again. Little coasters are hard to get right but they most certainly have.
They are well themed & great fun without being too gentle or too harsh.
Paultons Park

#6 The little added extras – B is a huge fan of mini golf & when he found out Paultons Park had a mini course he jumped at the chance to try it. We were shocked to find out that it was infact FREE! B absolutely loved his little mini golf experience & I thought it was fantastic considering it was free.
Some other brilliant added extras are a splash park, numerous outdoor play parks, soft play, trampolines & bouncy castles!
All of which are free to use. B was really taken with the parks & soft play, so much so that he didn’t want to leave either of the places when it came time to!

#7 Thriller rides – Paultons park have plenty of rides for little ones but don’t worry thrill seekers, theres plenty for you too. Although they aren’t for me & not things I’d go on I know they are great fun for you theme park fans. You have 3 thrilling rollercoasters to choose from, a drop style ride & a few spinning style rides. I’ve seen Paulton’s Park on numerous theme park YouTubers, they always seem impressed!
Paultons Park

#8 Good food – This seems to be something most theme parks struggle with. Paultons Park gives you plenty of choices with what you can have. A gorgeous restaurant is on site as you walk through the entry to the park. I’m yet to try this place as B often refuses to eat but it sells everything from jacket potatoes or panini to a salad or a curry. There truly is something for everyone at this place. Along your way you will come across a lovely diner, Daddy Pig’s Cafe, numerous kiosks & a ‘base camp’.
Please don’t worry though you can also bring a picnic to the park & enjoy it in one of the fantastic picnic spots.

#9 Great parking – Parking is something that always bothers me about everywhere new I head. I am always concerned about whether theres parking, if there is will I get a space & are the spaces big enough. I needn’t worry about Paulton’s Park though, their carpark is well laid out, easy to navigate & also theres plenty of spaces!

#10 Queue time – Okay, so the queuing for rides in Peppa Pig World can be a tad lengthy but elsewhere there are barely any queues. So much so the last time we went B managed to stay on a Rollercoaster for 7 trips around, he only came off because I asked him to! I absolutely love this place because of their small queues, if they have any queues at all.
I’ve been on a Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday & Saturday & never really had to queue, bar at Peppa Pig World!

If you decide to head over please tell me what you thought!

Still undecided?
Check out the videos from our two trips to the park:


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