On our most recent trip to our favourite location attraction, Paradise Wildlife Park, we decided to explore the park a little more now its warmed up. What we stumbled upon was ‘Dumbleby Forest’ the place our dummies go when its time to give them up.
Is it finally time to lose the dummy?

Dumbleby Forest
Dumbleby Forest is located in the wooded area of Paradise Wildlife Park, hidden away from the hustle & bustle of the park. The perfect setting for this adorable little place.
You’ve got a beautiful short walk through the wooded area to get to ‘Dumbleby Forest’, passing the dear & a lovely pond as you go.
Dumbleby Forest

We were literally just going to take a slow walk through the wooded area but ended up staying in the Dumbleby Forest area for about half an hour. Just because it was so peaceful & pretty. I decided whilst we were there that it would be the perfect place for B to give up his dummies so they can be looked after by Dumbleby Jack.
The dummies are given a different purpose then, not just chucked away & forgotten about. In his eyes the dummy will be going to someone else.

I’m sat here imagining it going perfect, smooth & that he’ll instantly forget about his dummy BUT thats just not how its going to go down.
I’m banking on him doing what he does every day, cries till he gets what he wants. Well, not so much recently but I used to give in & I have no qualms about telling you. I’m telling you so you don’t make the mistake that I did, when B got chicken pox I gave him back his dummy in the day. #MummyFail.

I have a plan, I’m going to regularly take him to Dumbleby Forest, I’ll grab the book too so he gets to know the proper story, so much so that he starts believing in the magic. I’m hoping it works as I really don’t like him having a dummy through the night, I go to great lengths of sometimes hiding it when it falls out of his mouth.
One thing at a time though.

I highly recommend Paradise Wildlife Park as a place to visit but I now want to also make sure people head into the woods to visit this super cute place, theres benches there too so you can have a lovely peaceful lunch there.
If you’re thinking about getting rid of little ones bottle or dummy head over to Dumbleby Forest, They’ll be put to good use!

Head on down to the woods today, you might be in for a big surprise!
Dumbleby Forest