This lighthearted funny post came to me after B asked me to watch poop come out of his bottom!
It made me realise we do some really gross things because we love our children, people think love is just showing care & giving cuddles but this post will make you realise theres so much more to it.

Things You Do Because You Love Your Child

‘Clean mud off the walls in the kitchen because S accidently threw a ball backwards instead of forwards, into the garden, when he was playing.’ Sent in by Bek from Dilly Drops.

‘Letting my daughter do my hair even though it hurts as she pulls it!’ Sent by Kelly from The Best Version Of Kelly

‘Pick up worms and put them on my hand to show them – even though I am sh*t scared of creepy wiggly worms but they LOVE them’ Sent by Beth from Twinderelmo

‘Letting my little boy play ‘Monster Truck’s which consists of him trying to launch himself across you as you lie on your back. Owww.’ Sent by Cat from Rock And Roll Pussycat

‘Take him to swimming lessons. I spend the best part of an hour wrestling him in and out of neoprene swim nappies whilst balancing him precariously on the bench and bashing elbows with the other mums. Followed by half an hour of watching his Dad drown him in the pool whilst I sit on the side in the sweltering heat! Atleast someone enjoys it!’ Sent by Hayley from Devon Mama

‘Watch the same episode of Paw Patrol on a loop day after day. I spend all day hummnig the theme tune.’ Sent by Angela from Adventure In Websterland

‘Share food. I NEVER share food, but if baby/Toddler wants a bite, then they have a bite!
Oh also, picking up spiders/worms/bugs/creepy crawlies etc etc with my bare hands because toddler wants to see it…’ Sent by Zoe from Lycra Widow

‘Share my chocolate with my child… now that is true love!’ Sent by Irina from Wave To Mummy

‘Pretend that I love awful shows like fireman Sam or Masha and the Bear. He will ask me if I like them and I tell him no I don’t, then he smiles and says yes you do. That goes back and forth for a while until I agree that I do and then I have to sit and pretend I’m enjoying the episode I’ve already seen countless times before!’ Sent by Emma from Emma Reed

‘Give up my last Rolo (or any other choc-based delight) as they look so pitifully hard-done by at me!’ Sent by Tracey from Pack The PJs

‘Watch The Gruffalo approximately 17,593 times!’ Sent by Susie from This Is Me Now

‘Eat food that has already been half chewed by my 1 year old when she shoves it in my mouth’ Sent by Sophie from Life As Mrs D

‘Breastfeed his toys. Like the other day it was Peppa Pig – and she had to be naked for some reason. I’ve fed trucks and toys cars, too’ Sent by Nadia from Scandimummy

‘Having a three way conversation with my daughter and her teddy. She does such a squeaky voice for him.
I even have to ask it questions’ Sent by Lyndsay-Rose from My Family Of Roses

‘My son is 12 so not so cute any more… but I do, at his request, buy him bath bombs and candles and promise not to tell a single soul…’ Sent by Natalie from Hello Cuppies

‘We push out his poo together. It’s a bit like being a birthing partner every time he needs to go 🙈 and we have a little kissing routine every bedtime: Eskimo (noses), butterfly (eye lashes on each cheek), & bisous (kiss on the lips)’ Sent by Kate from Five Little Stars

‘I use my special skills learnt from the retro board game “Operation” to pull out my son’s bogies with tweezers’ Sent by Hollie from Thrifty Mum

‘Suck snot out of baby’s nose when they have a bad cold and their nose is all blocked up!’ Sent by Lisa from Mummy Gummie