As parents we do things that we are happy to shout from the roof tops about & other things that we would rather keep close to our chests.
These have been sent in my some amazing bloggers but I’ll start you off lightly, with some of the things I do but would rather not admit to.

Things We Do As Parents That We Don’t Like To Admit

• I recently hid a game B wanted in Toys R Us after I saw the price for it, £25 for a stupid game that he would force other people to play & never play himself. I THINK NOT! I found another game & popped it in front. Amazingly it worked.

• I regularly lie about B’s favourite arcade being shut after he’s been treated to arcade games for a few days straight. It gets a little expensive with the way he gets through the games!

• ‘ Sniff the kids pants to see if they are clean….. I know I am not the only one’ Sent in by Steve from Daddy Stinks

• ‘ I’m so addicted to picking my son’s cradle cap that I’ll miss it once it’s gone ‘ Sent in by Holly from Thrifty Mum

• ‘ I occasionally drive my 4-year-old daughter’s ride-on car around the garden when she’s in bed. It hurts because it’s such a tight space. But it’s totally worth it! ‘ Sent in by Pete from Household Money Saving

• ‘ I Hide their colouring books so I can colour them in myself without them being a mess. Ha ‘ Sent in by Helen from

• ‘I finish my daughter’s tea so she can get a treat, but we don’t tell mum. Win-win. I get more food, my daughter gets her treat and mum thinks my daughter is eating all her dinner.’ Sent in by Michael from This Real Life Dad

• ‘I eat up their scraps, even when they’ve been dribbled on and chucked on the floor.’ Sent In My Georgina from Georgina Clarke Blog

• ‘I eat my daughters treats, Easter Eggs and Christmas chocolates. Nothing is safe, I’ll lie about it’s whereabouts without a shred of guilt’. Sent in by Karina from Mums The Nerd

• ‘I tell them the batteries have ran out in their favourite (noisy!!) toy.’ Sent in by Laura from Five Little Doves

• ‘I love picking massive bogeys out my sons nose. I always feel really satisfied when I’ve been able to see it & ease it out with my little finger nail’. Sent in by Rachael from From Rachael Claire

• ‘I Stand in the kitchen sticking my fingers up and swearing but silently so that they don’t know I am basically doing a f*#k you dance in the kitchen. Then I walki into the room like a totally sane adult. Clearly not aimed at the baby! (Yet). Sent in By Danielle from She’s A Working Mum

• ‘Putting on a certain tv show / film as you secretly enjoy watching it (or even finishing an episode when they leave the room, as you want to know how it ends)’. Sent in by Emily from Emily And Indiana

• ‘Trying out his potty when no one was home’. Sent in by Victoria from The Growing Mum

• ‘Giving him food that I know he won’t eat, so I can! Or saying no to cake but then hiding in the kitchen to eat some yourself.’ Sent in by A Suffolk Dad

There you have it, we have shared some of our secrets with you..
What do you as a parent that you don’t like to admit to?!