I’ve just uploaded my first ever YouTube video, I’m immensely proud of myself. I wanted to collate all my favourite parts of our summer into one lovely video & guess what… I managed it! However I know videos aren’t everyone’s thing & I didn’t get to film all of our special times so I thought I’d write a lovely post about our summer highlights too.

B learned to scoot & ride his balance bike

B got his balance bike for Christmas & his scooter for his birthday. The balance bike has been in the shed for months as it has upset him for months so we’ve kept the scooter in the house so he constantly had it around.

Out of the blue as I was washing up around the corner screaming with delight came B scooting the whole way, he literally learned to do it out of nowhere. I was so shocked. From really struggling to fully scooting along! He was so proud & hasn’t really left it alone since.
He also has recently been trying to teach his friends to scoot also!
B’s Scooting School. Accepting students from October 2016, Fee payable in Lidl’s chocolate or Crisps & dip dip.

The learning to ride his balance bike also came out of nowhere, I took it out of the shed on the off chance & just left it on the grass for him to be able to investigate it. He had a good nosey & asked for it to be picked up, out of nowhere he sat on it & tried to move. He fell off first time BUT he got up & tried again.
I soon realised the seat was wrongly positioned so I altered it & the little beaut got on it & was able to balance & move around the garden!

B scooting & learning to ride his balance bike

B learned to accept & give affection

Turn back the clocks to July, we were at Paradise Park with our friends that we’ve known for two years. B’s friends were all interacting with one another & B was standing on the outskirts doing his own thing. I was beyond worried, he didn’t want to even walk anywhere near them. When we ate lunch his friend Little S tried to cuddle him, he burst into tears & was distraught.
I was so worried & wasn’t really sure what to do. With numerous friends B would cry if they tried to hold his hand or panic if they hugged him.

Randomly out of nowhere B opened up & accepted affection with glee & happiness EVEN better though he would go out of his way to make an effort & give affection to his friends. He is so happy now when he gets to give his friends a hug & his favourite thing is to hold his friend’s, Little L, brother Teeny N hand while he has his nappy changed or while he cries.

Before & after affection with his friend

Weekly trips to Van Hage

It doesn’t sound like much but B really enjoyed his summer full of weekend trips to the garden centre with his Nanna & Grandad. He became more independent with each trip, the things he was interested in also changed.
B loves Van Hages mini zoo, he would regularly come home & tell me about an animal he had seen & what it had been doing. He is also a huge lover of their miniature railway, he loves coming back & telling me about the man & the tickets.. oh and of course how many times he went on!
However entering into Autumn his tastes have changed & although he still loves the train his new thing he loves to do is visit the miniature water features! His current record for staying there & refusing to leave is 20 minutes, he is so enthralled by the place, its adorable!
B & his grandad on the train at Van Hage

Seaside Trips

This year was B’s first ever time at the seaside, I wasn’t quite sure what he would make of it. I didn’t know if he would like the machines & I assumed he’d love to go on at-least one or two rides. I got it wrong though, he point blank refused to go on any rides but fell in love with the 2p machines at the arcades as well as all the other games possible.
I have never seen a kid so into something as much as B is when he’s on the 2p machines! Just a word of warning, NEVER EVER touch his ‘monies’ otherwise he has a full scale meltdown. His first trip was to Southend & subsequent seaside trips have been at Clacton-On-Sea.
He still loves the 2p machines but has also moved on to claw machines, random fishing games & a super weird duck coin firing game. He has become very independent & loves to see the bits & bobs he wins, or indeed that we win for him!
We had such a beautiful time at the seaside & I want him to appreciate the little trips I can take him to in the UK, I want him to realise that you don’t have to leave the country to have a fabulous time.

See it all here & more on our Summer highlight YouTube video!!!