Last month we launched our first ever parenting YouTube channel, I’ve decided to refer to it as a parenting channel because I want both mothers & fathers to feel they can watch! I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with it & how much I enjoy making & editing the videos for our channel.

B loves watching Surprise Egg opening videos so I mainly started the channel with the aim of doing videos similar to those that he loves so much. It just so happens that we’ve also branched into videos following us around on our super fun family journeys. B is so proud of his videos, he asks his friends to sit & watch them with him. Sorry he doesn’t ask, HE DEMANDS they sit & watch them with him! He loves watching them every morning.
His current favourite has to be our first ever vlog! He is so proud of it.

We’re going to be doing reviews, vlogs, day out montages, surprise egg videos & so much more, we’d love to hear from you with what you’d like to see us try next.
If you are an attraction or brand & you’d like to work with us, contact us via our contact page. We would love to hear what you have in mind.

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Little B & Me’s Parenting Youtube Channel

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