I was kindly invited by Louise from Mummy Miller to complete this fantastic tag of reasons why I feel I’m rocking motherhood!
This is going to be one of the hardest posts I’ve written but the most worthwhile as its something I’ll be able to read when I’m ever doubting myself & I’m writing it so B can read it when he’s older.

I always try new classes with you
I’ve never been one for trying new things, since having you B, I’ve managed to turn this around. If a class or group comes up that I think would suit you, I’m the first in the queue to get you in. I don’t care if we go alone, theres no way I’m having you miss out.

If you like something I stick with it, even if I hate it
Turn back the clock 5 years, if I didn’t like something I would immediately stop doing it. Now that you’re here though thats changed. If you enjoy doing something but I don’t get on with it, I am happy to stick with it. Motherhood is about give & take, nows my time to give.

I sit & watch the same YouTube videos over & over again
This is one I struggle with, I love watching YouTube with you but having to watch the same Ryan’s Toys Review video over & over again is a little wearing. I’m happy to do it though, so you stay happy.

I’m documenting your life for you & to help others
I love blogging, I love writing about the mundane to the important. I’m writing these posts for you, I want you to be able to come onto my blog when you’re older & find out about all the fantastic things we did together. I also write some of these posts to help others. If one of my hard hitting posts, like the Group B Strep post, helps one person then its done its job.

I’ve given up my favourite thing for you- SLEEP!
Okay, this is more of a joke one but seriously. I haven’t slept well since before you were born. You currently wake me up at 6am & wake me up randomly in the night! Be aware I’m going to get you back once you start Primary School!

I give you everything Nanna & Pops couldn’t get for me at your age
Nanna & Pops always made sure I never went without but there were things I desperately wanted & they could never get for me at the time. I may treat you too much but my aim in life is to give you everything. Within reason, of course, and as long as your behaviour is good.

I don’t restrict you to ‘boys toys’
I hate calling them boys toys but for the purposes of this post I will, I allow & will continue to allow you to choose whatever toy you wish. Be it a pushchair or a quad bike, you are welcome to have whatever you wish. I will never tell you that you can’t have something simply because of the colour of its packaging.

I go without so you can have
I would rather not treat myself to things so you can have the best of the best. Come to think of it, I actually felt guilty buying myself a £7 book the other day. I’m not used to treating myself anymore, you on the hand. I don’t think twice about it, unless its something pointless like the duplicate book you wanted the other day!

I'm rocking motherhood

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