I recently started my own business so my blog has been on the back burner. I highly enjoy my new business & I’ve found the blogging has taken a hit.
I’ve taken my break time to not only start a business but to also teach myself some basics of photography. I decided to start my blogging back up again with a photo special.

For 10 years I used my trusty Nikon D70, sadly I didn’t feel the quality of my images was good enough so upgraded to a Nikon D5600, here is my little photography journey thus far.

This was from the first time I picked up my new camera, I’m super happy with how the image came out & it remains a favourite image of mine:

B has had Rolling Stones t-shirts since he was born, my mum & dad absolutely love The Rolling Stones & love to dress him up in the Tee’s!
I absolutely love this shot as its anonymous but super cool, the design on the back of the top really makes the image

This year Summer we introduced Grandad, my dad, to B’s favourite place… The seaside, Clacton to be exact. We had a super lovely day & the boys both loved going on all of the rides. Sadly I have to miss out on the rides due to inner ear issues & back problems!

I don’t feel like we had much of a Summer but when it was drawing to a close I panicked & felt like I’d done nothing with him! We got lots fitted into the last few weeks of the holidays & one of my favourite things that we did together was our trip to one of our local parks!
I took these three shots on the same day & I absolutely love them.

This shot is exceptionally special to me as its the picture from B’s first day at nursery, his first time away from me! I was so proud of him in his uniform & how adorable he looked. The uniform is now too small & that was the biggest size they go up to…WHOOPS!
Tip to parents, grandparents & carers… Document these special moments as you can never get them back

A few weeks ago we decided to become members of ‘Willows Farm’ & genuinely haven’t looked back. We’ve really got our money worth from the amount of times we’ve visited since we joined! I treated B to the passes as he is currently a huge fan of Peter Rabbit & loves their playgrounds.
Kid doesn’t even look at the animals though haha!

I am a huge fan of Track Party so much so that I actually sponsor their Welwyn Garden City events! Our last trip ended up in B staying for 5 sessions….Nearly 5 hours of train track fun!

The last few images I’m leaving you with are some of my favourites from the past week or so, I hope you liked my little photo special. Its me dipping my foot back into the blogging world.