B, I genuinely cannot believe you are three! Time has gone so quickly, it just seems like the other day that you were a newborn baby crying his eyes out for another bottle of milk.
You have grown into a very headstrong boy, with an obsession for everything & anything.
Happy Birthday B, I hope you love this.

You came into this world a tiny little 6lb 15oz string bean.
happy birthday

You were so small, your skin was so loose on your little skeleton. You had me up at 4am, I honestly couldn’t have coped without your Nanna! She helped me when I thought my body couldn’t manage another early start.
You were bought a small crib as it was recommended that babies like enclosed spaces, YOU hated it. You went in it once & then it was never used again.
WE co-slept, I’d sleep so still & you would go to sleep & stay asleep on my chest. I never once moved a muscle, I loved that & ended up being quite gutted when you wanted to sleep next to me instead.

Grandad treated you to a high end buggy, You refused to go in it so we ended up having to clip your carseat onto the buggy frame & use that. You went in the crib style part of the buggy once & cried the entire time. You loved your carseat but you were never a baby that slept. Nanna & Pops would take you out on a Sunday so I could work & you would never nap for them.
The only place you’d nap at that age was in the car or on me!

When you were first born we had to buy the tiniest clothes, even those swamped you but people absolutely loved to see you all dressed up like a little doll.

You soon became obsessed with your milk & would sometimes have 12 bottles in one day! Milk just didn’t satisfy you & you moved onto porridge as soon as you were old enough. You settled far better once you started eating, turns out milk just wasn’t enough for a growing B like you!
happy birthday

From a young age I tried to do as much as possible with you, we went to baby massage, social groups & swimming. At around 8-12 weeks you met three of your best friends who we still see to this day! Evie, Lincoln & Scarlett. I couldn’t have wished for better friends & you absolutely love each & every one of them & their mums too! Sometimes you prefer their mums though haha!
happy birthday

Regardless of what I’ve got, I have always made sure you get to experience great things & get treated like the little Prince that you are! Grandad & Nanna would always make sure I got everything within their means & they ALWAYS made sure I had fabulous birthday parties. I’ve followed on from them & each year I’ve made sure you have a fabulous Birthday party!
I have an obsession with getting you unique designed cakes just for you, its ALWAYS something I loved about my birthday.
happy birthday

You’ve been a clutz since you were a baby, you’d fall, trip & catapult yourself over sofas. You’ve been in hospital twice for injuries sustained while learning to be a stuntman. Even the nurses laughed when I told them your second injury was sustained whilst you were dancing.
To this day you can still hurt yourself whilst standing up not moving. You sheered your tooth in half falling out of my car when you were too excited to wait to be let out for your friends birthday party.
You were a brave sausage when the tooth had to be removed & we haven’t looked back since. You just find it slightly hard to use some straws as they sneak through your gap hehe!

I’ve always made sure we try new things & push you a little. Maybe thats why at your most recent visit to Paulton’s Park, you went on the rollercoasters that grown adults, including me, were refusing to go on.
Already in your 3 years of life you’ve been to the aquarium, Paradise Park, Chessington, Paulton’s Park, the seaside, bowling, golfing, Big Ben & so much more.
I never want you to miss out & equally don’t want you spoiled. Thankfully you’ve appreciated every single one of your special trips out.
happy birthday

Your speech has gone from strength to strength, from grunting & oo-ing to full sentences & tattling on people for doing things you think they shouldn’t.
You are such a chatty little boy, especially on your YouTube videos, which you constantly ask me if we can do!
Its amazing to watch back his videos that I used to take on my phone then watch this new one & see the huge change.

Its nearly time for you to start nursery, I can’t believe how quickly its come around. I have you till September then your life will change forever. You are going to the same nursery that I did & I can’t wait. Its the sweetest little place & you’ve already been there a few times for little groups & you’ve always enjoyed yourself.
I can’t wait for you to develop the friendship bonds that I did there.

B, you are going to be such a caring, kind natured, beautiful human being. You show such care already for people & I can’t wait to see that develop as you get older.
You have already made me an exceptionally proud mummy but you will continue to do so as each day passes.

happy birthday