Dear B,
You won’t ever understand how proud I was of you today, you entered something so new & different with ease & no tears.
This morning started with a scuffle to get in your uniform but once it was on you were aware that it was your first day of nursery.
first day of nursery

I felt sick for a few days with worry, I knew you’d be fine but I was wondering if how I felt would affect you. I managed to keep myself happy & smiley even though I wanted to cry. I kept you busy this week with things so that you wouldn’t dwell on today, it was probably more me that needed to keep their mind active & busy though.

You constantly surprise me with how quickly you get used to things, when we went to look around the nursery you were in nappies, still having milk from a baby bottle & still having your dummy! Look at you now, you have none of that & you got rid of them with such ease. It seems you take to things a lot quicker than I could ever realise. I was so scared you would be like I was & never settle. I really struggled as a child & it would be my worst nightmare if you ended up being as worried & nervous as I was. You won’t though, you’ve already shown me how grown up & amazing you are.

B having you away from me has made me realise how you are really my best friend & how I’m actually quite lost & confused without you. As much as I help you as your mummy…. You help me as my best friend & son.

I love you,

first day of nursery

My little brave boy!
first day of nursery