Labour was something I was always lead to believe could only be painful, this was from friends experiences but mainly the media. Now those of you who have had babies will know what birth can be like & its different for us all, thats why I wanted to do this post. To show people the things we wish we knew before going into labour. From the can’s & cannot’s to the potential differing in pain. This post will change your view on labour, we all have different experiences & we wanted to share them with you.

30 Things You Wish You Knew Before Going Into Labour

#1 – That it was going to be a long time before I got to sit down and eat a decent meal again. I should have made some cheesy chips!
(I must admit I didn’t eat properly for around 6 months)
Looking After Your Pennies

#2 – I wish I’d known that things didn’t all happen in a nice progressive way! I wasn’t expecting to spend so long in pain, I thought it would just get harder quickly and then that would be it. Turned out it dragged over 36 hours
Maidenhead Mum

#3 – That it’s OK to ask for a different midwife if yours seems more unsure about the situation than you are
The Growing Mum

#4 – Can I say I wish I’d known just how badly ruined you are down there.
I did wish that I’d have known that my husband couldn’t stay with me after baby was born and that I’d be left on my own with very little help even when you press the call bell.
Mummy’s Diary

#5 – That contractions don’t always start and stop in a nice measurable way, especially in early labour. Also, if you’ve been helpful and bought your partner some food, make sure it’s not too stinky!
Mummy’s Waisted

#6 – It almost never goes according to plan. The sooner you accept it, the easier will be for you.
Captain Bobcat

#7 – That if you feel like you are about to have a baby, you should be a bit more forceful about telling the midwife if she does not believe you.
Thus avoiding situations like this:

“Mrs Duggins, you were only 7cm last check. You will be a while.”

“NO! Check now. It is happening now.”

*Sigh* I will check you in ten minutes.

*Comes back*
“Ohhh and there is the head.”
*presses emergency button*
Someone’s Mum

#8 – That a birth centre isn’t scary because you’re not in hospital and actually can let you have a much more natural and therefore easier labour. Also that lying down on a bed is not the optimum birth position!
Pink Pear Bear

#9 – I wish I’d known some babies are born quiet but fine. My son was born with a thud and some silence and I was really scared and no one answered me for a minute . He was absolutely fine, it was just that no one heard me. My first cried so it was a real shock when my second was just having a quiet look around!
Accidental Hipster

#10 – That you can poop yourself, no one told me and when it happened it was so embarrassing!
Mummy Cat Notes

#11 – That, by the time the consultant asked if I’d mind students watching my internal examination and subsequent C-section, I would not care who was in the room. I’m usually very reserved but after two days of labour, that went right out of the window.
That British Betty

#12 – That labour can give you excruciating back pain! My first labour was all in my back which I was not expecting at all, I thought it would be all stomach.
Sophie’s Nursery

#13 – That it was better to be upright rather than lying down and that if you are hungry, eat to keep your energy up
Mummy Lauretta

#14 – I wish I would have known about the adrenaline afterwards. I milked that so much thinking I was ok then I fell into a tired sunk mess. I wish someone would have told me before hand, I would have rested
My Girls and Me

#15 – That going in the bath does NOT help. Like with a water birth, I imagined going in the bath would relax/calm me down a bit. Instead it opened me up and made everything feel a million times more painful.
From Pennies To Pounds

#16 – That there can be secondary pains, I had severe sciatica in my legs all through my 3 children’s labours and gas and air made no difference, only thing that helped were baths so I had loads.
Autism Mumma

#17 – That despite your best intentions and having written a birth plan covering every eventuality, things still won’t necessarily go to plan
Even Angels Fall

#18 – That I could have refused an internal examination. Didn’t have any examination on my second birth
Clover And Tonic

#19 – That your contractions don’t have to be 3 in 10 before going to hospital! Mine were so irregular but I had convinced myself I wasn’t ready. When I finally went in, I was 5-6cm dilated and gave birth within 2 and a half hours.
What Mummy Thinks

#20 – That you have to sign your consent when your having a emergency c section. Not that you actually read what your signing I even joked can I sign this Mickey Mouse and it count.
Cups Of Charlotte

#21 – That being stubborn and pushing for a long time can lead to trauma and prolapsing
Sofa Stories

#22 – That you leave your dignity at the door. You will wee and poo EVERYWHERE whilst being fully starkers and not even flinch

#23 – That it could take SO LONG. I thought that once it started properly it would just pick up and go from there, I didn’t realise labour could slow down again or not progress. It took 2 days of contractions to get to 3 in 10 mins, and then another 20 hours til actually giving birth!
Mama In Progress

#24 – That after you’ve given birth you have to “birth” the placenta. And, they show it to you, it looked like a big blancmange.
The Incidental Parent

#25 – That writing a birth plan was a little pointless! Whilst its great to perhaps bullet point some of the things that are really important to you such as cord clamping/cutting and any intervention etc. The midwives and doctors will do what they have to in order to keep you and baby healthy and safe. You can’t predict how any labour or birth will go so trying to write a plan for it is kind of tricky to begin with. Just trust the midwives and doctors and look forward to meeting your new arrival!
Tantrum To Smiles

#26 – That midwives aren’t always the nicest people. I had them ask why I decided to get tested for GBS(Group B Strep) & had them laugh when I told them that I had decided to go down the hypnobirthing route.

#27 – That you can have an amazing pain free, drug free, natural birth with hypnobirthing! I did a ‘normal’ hospital birth with my first had a 24hr labour and every pain relief option possible, it was horrible I was a zombie and don’t remeber it. Then I heard about hypnobirthing and had my second at home, no pain relief as I genuinely wasn’t in pain, just me and my husband, he came out in two breaths and no pushing. It is possible to have a pain free birth, I wish I’d known about hypnobirthing before I had my first!
Hitchens Kitchen

#28 – That you forget all about the pain, the second they hand you your baby.
Curious and Geeks

#29 – I wish I would have known that vomiting in labour is a natural and common thing.
Cosmo Mum

#30 – That two labours could be so different!! First was an induced loooong painful labour ending in forceps assisted delivery after 43hrs. Second was super fast, 2.5hrs from waters breaking to delivery…we live 45mins away from the hospital. He was so very close to being a car baby
Dirt Diggers and Dinosaurs