I’ve been paying for Netflix for a good few years now & it’s actually coming into use now B is that little bit more interested in sitting down & watching a full movie or programme.
It’s been very hit & miss with programmes but we wanted to share with you B’s favourite child friendly programmes & movies on Netflix.

10 Must Watch Child Friendly Programmes & Movies On Netflix

#1 Super Monsters – I randomly stumbled upon this because B is a HUGE fan of Hotel Transylvania & Netflix recommended it. Well they certainly recommended well, B was glued to it for around 4/5 episodes! He wanted to know who our favourite characters were & was totally into it as soon as it started. The programme is about little preschool children who turn into ‘super monsters’ & have to learn to control their superpowers! It reminds me a little, in a way, of ‘PJ Masks’, as they are normal children then they turn into the ‘super monsters’.
I have to admit I was rather into it myself!
This is more suited to the younger audience but hey, I liked it too so you never know!

#2 Hotel Transylvania 2 – At Christmas whilst he was ill B watched Hotel Transylvania & fell in love with it. He has since watched it numerous time & when we found Hotel Transylvania 2 on Netflix he was absolutely buzzing. Hotel Transylvania 2 kicks off where the first movie finished, I recommend watching the first (which is also available on Netflix) prior to this. I don’t want to say too much so I don’t ruin the first movie if it hasn’t been watched, let’s just say its full of lovable monsters & has a great, easy to follow story line.

#3 The Smurfs – B only got into ‘The Smurfs’ by playing a game on his little ‘yellow pad’ as he calls it. I decided to pop on ‘The Smurfs’ movie & he was hooked. This film is a mix of cartoon & real life. The Smurfs of course aren’t ‘real’ but they come into the real world. A fab mix of comedy & appropriate kiddy drama.
Will Papa Smurf be able to find & save Smurfette before Gargamel gets his grubby hands on her?

#4 Postman Pat: The Movie – Yep Pat is back! Better than ever, with a completely different voice but hey ho! Follow Pat on his path to ‘stardom’, but its not always all its cracked up to be.
B has watched the movie around 10 times & loves it. I think its made well & the actual story line is actually rather good. There are parts that B found a little ‘frightening’, unsure why with some of the things he plays at the Arcade but please be aware there are ‘robots’ in the movie. For the parents? There’s lots of famous voices to listen out for!

#5 Matilda – An oldie but a goodie! When I saw this was on Netflix I immediately put it on, more for myself but B ended up absolutely entranced by it. I couldn’t be happier as its an absolutely fantastic film.
This is an absolute corker of a story & a great one for children of over 3-4 to watch. Although its tinged with some ‘scary bits’ & life lessons, I honestly feel its such a beautiful movie with a beautiful message.
Still one of my favourite films of all time!

#6 The Magic School Bus – Long before I was aware of The Magic School Bus I came across one of the best games I’ve ever played! You got to click on poo & it made farting noises, to me as a child that was FANTASTIC! There was learning involved in the game too but my favourite part was the poo! I was cruising Netflix & came across ‘The Magic School Bus’ I was absolute buzzing & popped one on for B, alas he was at the time too young for it but it is a brilliant series. The children in the programme have a fantastic teacher who drives a ‘magic school bus’ which can travel to SPACE or INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY. It is a fantastic fun way for children to learn & I cannot recommend it enough.

#7 Rugrats In Paris: The Movie – I absolutely loved Rugrats when I was younger so I can’t even lie & tell you I originally put this on for B because… I didn’t, I actually put it on for myself!
Let’s go retro & treat your little ones to a frankly rather fabulous movie! Follow the super adorable bunch on a trip to Paris, Will everything go okay for Tommy’s dad? Will Chuckie’s Dad find love? Who knows. What I do know is this is a light hearted movie, super easy to watch & fun for the kids! B was a bit confused by it at the start but really got into it after a while. He wasn’t a fan of the episodes of Rugrats though, I was gutted.

#8 James & The Giant Peach – This is one for the older kids, B isn’t sure of it but I absolutely loved it when I was little & still love it to this day. Whilst it does have exceptionally sad & rather sinister undertones at time nothing is too harsh or bad for children to watch. Poor little James loses his parents in a rather interesting way, well they are killed my ghostly Rhino’s. I’m sure there is probably something a lot deeper going on in this movie from an adults perspective but from a child’s perspective its a lot more simple.
Follow James on his journey, where will it take him & will he escape Aunt Spiker & Aunt Sponge?\

#9 Over The Hedge – A fabulous family film! Make sure you grab some snacks & sit down with the entire family for this absolutely fabulous film. This is one fabulous animated movie, light hearted & super funny. Watch these super adorable animals venture out of their usual habitat into the housing develop thats moving towards their home! What do you think they will make of cookies? Cheetos (wotsits) ? Some super famous voices to watch out for! Maybe the perfect Sunday afternoon movie!

#10 Arthur Christmas – This movie got us through an hour or so of poorly Christmas! A light hearted, funny movie & NOT one that has to be kept as a Christmas movie.
Will Arthur be able to do the job entrusted to him by his father Santa Claus?

I weirdly enjoyed writing this post on child friendly programmes & movies on Netflix. Obviously other streaming platforms are available by Netflix is the one I subscribe to. I wrote this to help any stressed out parent who isn’t sure what movie or programme is any good… We all know how pants Netflix is to navigate sometimes, I’m pretty sure they hide some of the fabulous old movies & programmes.

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