Around 3 months ago I found I was becoming uncomfortable after eating certain foods, foods which I previously was able to eat.
I’ve been lactose intolerant for years but recently found eating meat, egg & dairy to be causing me too much pain. This was the time I decided to go Vegan! I was at a loss of what to eat but I’ve got one fabulous Vegan friend who always advises me on yummy products. She runs her own Vegan Jewellery, Accessory & Apparel company! Her company can be found at All Glamour No Guts.

My new favourite go to Vegan friendly shop is Ocado! I cannot begin to recommend them enough, so if you are thinking of going Vegan or want to try some yummy Vegan foods then heres my top 10 favourite Vegan food finds!

#1 Fry’s Chicken-style Strips

I absolutely love Stir-frys & I used to use Quorn chicken pieces for my stir frys but found them rather boring & small.
Whilst browsing on Ocado for new products I happened upon Fry’s Chicken-style Strips, I wasn’t sure what they’d be like but decided to try them anyway. I actually assumed they were like breaded chicken strips, not strips of ‘meat’. I am so glad I ordered them because they are SO yummy!
Juicy, soft & interesting in texture they are my go to item for ALL of my stir frys.
We tend to soften them & my frozen veg in the microwave before stir frying them along with some chilli oil, noodles, spring onion & bamboo  shoots.
frys chicken style strips for a stir fry

#2 Fry’s Cocktail Sausage Rolls

Something I’ve missed for a long time is a good flakey hot sausage roll! I’ve tried vegetarian sausage rolls before & found them absolutely vile, Quorn’s effort for instance have an awful vinegary after taste.
On another Ocado browse I found these beauties, Fry’s Cocktail Sausage Rolls. I ordered them but thought they would be tasteless & dry, I was to be proved wrong though. These sausage rolls are AMAZING!! Juicy & flavoursome, the pastry is absolutely fantastic. I always look forward to having these bad boys as a snack with some ketchup.
They would make a great addition to a buffet, I’ve even given them to ‘non-vegans’ & they said they would never have realised they were vegan sausage rolls!

#3 V-Bites Meatless Meatballs

This was another Ocado find, I was very nervous about trying these & chose to trial them on one of my meat eating friends!
She bought a beautiful sauce with her & I added these meatballs, I was nervous but made sure to cook them in the sauce till they were super soft.
We both couldn’t believe how yummy the meatballs ended up being, I genuinely can’t recommend them enough. When I next do a Ocado shop I plan to buy a few packets of them.
I must add they even taste AMAZING when they’ve been frozen!
v-bites meatless meatballs

#4 V Bites Fish-Free Fish Fingers

I really missed fish fingers when I went Vegan & was struggling to find anything fish styled that I could eat or that I fancied! That was until I happened upon these beauties!
Whilst they aren’t as juicy as actual fish fingers they are cruelty free & very flavoursome!
I absolutely love these with chips & peas…OOOO & some ketchup too. I do however find them very filling so can only manage 2 or 3 at a push!

#5 Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Dairy Free Bean & Rice Burrito

I’m a huge fan of burritos & fajitas but since I went Vegan I struggled to find little snacks to eat, yes I count this as a tiny snack. On yet another Ocado shop I found this burrito. I am so happy with them & have had them each time I do an online shop.
I’ve only ever cooked them in the microwave & they taste absolutely amazing, they cook super quickly but I do recommend leaving it a few minutes after cooking so it can cool down enough to comfortably eat.
The flavour isn’t hot or overpowering, in fact they have a very subtle taste. I could probably easily eat two of these in one sitting!
I highly recommend them as a lunch time snack but be warned… You’ll want more than one!!

#6 Vegan Homemade Chocolate Cake

This cake has been made by my own fair hands, yes thats right ladies & gentlemen… I love to bake!
Since going vegan though I was at a loss of how to do a vegan friendly cake that was edible.
I use Orgran No Egg as the replacement for the eggs & every other item is Vegan friendly & completely delicious.
I have fed this to numerous people who said that they wouldn’t have realised it was a Vegan cake had I not mentioned!
Vegan friendly chocolate cake

#7 Amy’s Kitchen All American Veggie Burger

I haven’t liked burgers in years, this was even before I went Vegan! I found the majority of them flavourless & full of gristle. Even though I didn’t miss burgers at all when I went Vegan I did fancy adding something extra to my fridge freezer so decided to try these!
I was so glad I did, they are LOVELY. They don’t take long to cook 5-10 minutes on each side, they are flavoursome & have a small kick to them.
I highly recommend them as a snack but also as part of a main meal with some chips & veggies! Pop them in a bun for added yummy-ness.

#8 Moo-Free Minty Moo Chocolate

CHOCOLATE!!! Who doesn’t love Chocolate!?
ME after it made me feel how it did(full & sick), that was until I found Moo-free chocolate! Made by the angels themselves.
I’m a huge fan of minty chocolate so decided to choose Moo-Free’s Minty-Moo chocolate bar, available in one bite & four bite bars, thats how many bites it takes me to eat them by the way!
The mint is quite powerful but it does bring a great taste to the chocolate bar, I have tried their normal chocolate bar & I’m not a fan but this one is top of my list!

#9 Almond Dream Mint Chocolate Chip Non-Dairy Ice Cream

ICE CREAM?! I can eat ice cream?!
It’s been double figure years since I’ve had a good flavoured ice cream. I haven’t been able to consume ice cream in years due to my lactose intolerance, I spied this ice cream a year ago & struggled to get to it, Waitrose never had it in stock 🙁
Ocado came through though & made me such a happy woman with this gorgeous ice cream!
It tastes unreal, I personally can’t even tell that it’s Vegan. The only downfall to this is its rather expensive at £4.99 for a tub BUT its worth it!

#10 Tesco Free from Gluten, Wheat & Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

OH my gosh, I happened upon these while I was out with one of my friends buying a few bits for a picnic. I wasn’t sure what they would be like but picked them up anyway. Needless to say I ate the entire packet at the park all on my own HAHA!
They resemble Maryland cookies, same size & look. They also taste quite similar, they aren’t a soft cookie but by gosh they are amazing.

So there we have it, my top 10 Vegan yummy tummy foods!
Let me know if you try any & like them<3
It would make me so happy!