I really do miss the simple life that was the 90’s. My life was easy, that may have been because I was a young carefree child BUT I put it down to how fab the 90’s were!
Here are my 10 reasons why I think the 90’s was amazing:

1. 90’s music was AMAZING!

I don’t think we’ve had tunes like the ones we had in the 90’s. 90’s music is always being sampled & added to new hits, simply because its so popular.
I’ve got some brilliant videos of me dancing, AMAZINGLY may I add, to some dance tune from the 90’s. I won’t delight you with the video as you would probably get extremely jealous of my amazing dance moves.
I have recently realised that the majority of songs being played at my birthday parties & in family videos are songs I now have on my phone, resampled may I add!
Music these days gets boring quickly, It’s unlikely that 10 years from now people will be listening to Rhianna ‘WORK’ but they’ll probably still listen to stuff like Sunchyme & my personal favourite Olive – You’re not Alone.

2. 90’s Kids TV was THE BEST!

My son will never get to bask in the delights of programmes such as Rugrats, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Rosie & Jim & The Spooks Of Bottle Bay. These programmes wipe the floor with the current offerings that toddlers & children have to look forward to.
How can something like Bing match up to the brilliance of Rosie & Jim. I can honestly say I watched Rosie & Jim for hours on end & if asked to… I would take that up all over again.
15 Plus years later I can still remember episodes of most of my favourite 90’s kids programme. A day after watching kids tv now & I’ve forgotten the episodes.
I wish I could constantly stream 90’s TV for my son!

3. 90’s fashion was so chilled

I never felt like I had to wear a certain item to fit in at school or have a certain designer brand of clothing, this is sadly not the case these days. We all pretty much wore the same kind of clothing & it was only the naughty 2000’s that bought in the whole greebo & townie situation.

The 2 images I’m about to show you are 2 outfits I wore numerous times. The dress in the right hand image was worn EVERYWHERE.. Parties, shopping & probably playing too!
Simple, cheap outfits.. that I personally think are quite AMAZING!
MY 90's fashion

Back in the 90’s we had Tammy Girl, I started buying from them more when I was trying to go through my ‘townie’ phase.
They’re missing a trick now, we desperately need more child/early teen orientated shops!
Come to think of trends, our 90’s trends were so good some are making a comeback. Chocker necklaces, Jelly shoes & crop tops.

4. We got toys & CASH in our crisp packets!

There was nothing better than opening a packet of crisps that your mum had packed for you in your school lunch to be greeted by either a blue packet containing a £10 note or a plastic packet containing some super cool toy.
You just can’t match the joy from that, these days you’re lucky to get a code on a crisp packet! I doubt kids these days would even believe that we used to get cash in our crisp packets.

5. We did our school work in GEL PENS!

Pretty colours, glitter & even smelly gel pens are what we used as our writing tools at school. School life is strict now so its probably strictly ball points or pencils. No joy of sniffing your notebook because your blue sparkly gel pen smells of blueberry!
For those of you that aren’t aware of gel pens, they were literally like biro’s but BETTER! Smells & cool colours, officially wiping the floor with any pen of today.

6. 90’s real gaming- Tamagotchis

YES we had the Play Station but our handheld game of choice were Tamagotchis. We carried these bad boys around, nurtured them & kept them happy. One fateful day though, we would forget to feed them & we’d be greeted by a dead Tamagotchi when we opened our school draw.
I still remember going absolutely ape at my mum for killing my Tamagotchi that I had trusted her with while I was at school.
If I could find one now, I’d have it & care for it like it was my son HAHA.

7. 90’s bought the ORIGINAL Pokémon

Yes if you are unaware Pokémon has been around longer than this past month. In fact, it came to us in the 90’s. So we had it first & we had it real!
We had the TV programme, GameBoy game & Pokémon cards. I will admit I never understood how to actually play with the Pokémon cards but hey, I collected them like a pro.
Pokéballs, Cards, Pokédex… I had it all. The 90’s treated me well with Pokémon.

8. We had proper Saturday morning kids TV & Game shows!

Back in the day I would, without fail, be up Saturday morning for SMTV Live. I made sure I was up & didn’t miss any of the silly goings on, wonkey donkey or the weird interviews. I’ve come to realise theres nothing like that for kids these days.
SMTV live was popular & although it was silly, it was perfect for children. I personally feel its something we’re missing, we are ahead in so many ways but behind in the most simple sense. BRING IT BACK!

One of my childhood dreams, other than being a princess, was to be on Fun House. Now…If you’ve never heard of it before then I urge you to catch it on ‘CHALLENGE’, they tend to show it every week. It was a fantastic kids game show, I watch it now & I’m screaming at the kids on tv to tell them that for the 10th time they have past the tag they were looking for.
Back when I was small though, all I wanted to do was take part in the go cart race game & to go into the Fun House itself.
I wanted to collect all the prizes single handed & win the really crap prize that was offered at the end, it was once a ruler & calculator HAHA! PUSH THE BOAT OUT Y’ALL.
Kids now don’t have the joy of watching other kids going mental trying to win prizes while covered in gunge.

Adult gameshows were fabulous too, my favourites being Supermarket Sweep & Strike It Lucky. Both of which were appropriate for adults & children! I actually watch both programmes now on Challenge haha.. Yes I am still screaming at the TV telling the ladies on Supermarket Sweep where to run in the aisles! Something along the lines of ‘ For F**ks sake you’ve just gone past it, COME BACK, NO THE OTHER WAY!’

9. 90’s sweets were SUPER CHEAP!

Imagine a world where Freddos were 10p, well….that was the 90’s! Freddos were amazingly cheap & super yummy.
Our penny sweets actually cost a penny or damn near close enough. A plastic bag could be filled with crisps & sweets for the small sum of £5, maybe less at our local shops.

We also had brilliant sweets, that they have since decommissioned *sad face*, that wipe the floor with the sweets of today.
Hello E NUMBERS & SUGAR! We were never hyperactive though, I’m pretty sure of that!

10. 90’s Social Clubs

I can honestly say I had some of the best experiences of my life in socials clubs in the 90’s.
We had the old men in their lit corner, smoking & playing cards or dominoes while us cool cats were dancing in the dark!
We had tombolas, line dancing, limbo competitions & fantastic dance routines. Something most kids these days would turn their noses up at.
I would always bring my friends each weekend that we went & we always had a great time. 20p Coke & crisps, counting down the hours on Christmas Eve & making new friends while sitting on the pool table waiting to be told off by the old crow behind the bar.

So there we have it,
10 reasons why the 90s were AMAZING, or should I now say #Amazing.

Love Me