As a parent its becoming more & more evident to me how expensive outings & classes are. Any saving however big or small is hugely welcomed in my book. If I told you there was a discount card for some amazing attractions, classes, soft play & much more what would you say? Well read on to find out about the fabulous On The Go Kids card that is now available.

On The Go Kids, owned by my good friend, is a fabulous discount card for numerous attractions, classes, events, soft plays, Restaurants & parties! Honestly the more we discuss the card the more I get shocked with the sheer amount of places I can get money off from!

Here are my top five discounts from the ‘On The Go Kids’ card:

#1 20% Off At Paradise Wildlife Park- Paradise Park is one of my favourite places to take B & if I hadn’t got my membership I would use this all the time. I do however let my parents use it when they come with me! You can receive 20% off Monday to Friday & 10% off at weekends & bank holidays(For up to 4 people).
If you regularly visit Paradise Park, I highly recommend buying an On The Go Kids card as you will make your money back & more very quickly.

#2 Save 10% At Puddle Ducks- I used to take B to Puddle Ducks swimming lessons when before he was one & really would have appreciated this money off when I first signed him up. This saving is only available on the first booking of your eight week cycle.

#3 Save 10% / 20% at Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf- I absolutely love ‘mini golf’ & to know I can visit & save money at the same time is absolutely fantastic. I love this place & cannot wait to take B as he absolutely loves mini golf & Dinosaurs!

#4 Save 20% At Diggerland- B absolutely loves Diggers & I can’t wait to visit this year with him! Whats better is that with my card I can get 20& off any day I wish to visit for up to 4 people. I don’t know who’ll enjoy it more though, HIM or me!?!

#5 Save 20% off selected packages at Olivia Rocco Photography- I regularly see this lady post on my local pages & OH MY GOSH… Her images are so sweet! I am really gutted that I never got a newborn photoshoot done of B but hey ho! I’ve since made up for it.

On The Go Kids- The Best Discount Card Around

Apart from a very small amount of offers, the majority can be used time & time again. I absolutely love this feature, so many money off cards or money off steals are restricted to one use only. As a result of this you can easy make your money back & more after a few visits. I am a huge lover of saving money so this is music to my ears.

It gets better, head back on the 24th of January for a little treat from myself & On The Go Kids!

For now accept the discount code ‘littleb’ as your first treat, that will get you the card for £12. Thats just £1 a month!!!
Head on over to the On The Go Kids website & grab yours now.

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