Please give me a high five for not falling asleep or feeling ill before writing this!
If you have children, a huge expenditure throughout their lives will be, well, anything & everything they need & want.
I’m here to try & give you some pointers on how to save a few ££ as you go.

Baby events

Supermarkets & some stores regularly run ‘Baby events’, these events offer fantastic discounts on everything from nappies to pushchairs.I recommend keeping a close eye on Asda, Sainsbury’s & Tesco’s events. Many other stores do deals but these three are my favourites.
I also highly recommend using these events to get all baby essentials, particularly bottles, wipes & nappies.
I tend to bulk buy my sons nappies & wipes at this time & find I usually save at least £10 in doing so.
Keep these events in mind if you are expecting or planning to have a baby. It is the cheapest way to get all essentials sorted! Whilst not all toys are discounted on baby events all stores seem to choose a small amount of toys to mark down. I have noticed some brilliant pram toys & soft cuddle toys discounted at these events.
The only downside to these events is that you aren’t always aware of the items that are going to mark down so don’t hold off buying stuff just incase it gets marked down.

Charity Shops

I’m full aware charity shops aren’t everyones cup of tea & to be honest they weren’t mine before my son was born, however I have come across some brilliant items both new & in great used condition for exceptionally low prices.

Little B & Me

I got all these items from different Charity shops local to me for just £10!!!!
All of the above items were in the type of condition I would expect them to be in if I were to have bought them new.
When shopping in charity shops be sure to check the condition of the items, sometimes the items that are donated aren’t always in the best condition.
If you have a child who is of an age to choose a toy I do recommend making a little adventure out of a trip to the Charity shop by allowing them to choose their own toy! I now take my son to my local shops & whilst we are down there I allow him to have a look in the charity shops to see if there is anything he would like. He is 20 months old & more than able to choose what he wants, however sometimes you may end up with them choosing really odd things!

Loyalty Cards

I’ve touched lightly on this subject in previous posts & will go into more depth tomorrow.
Loyalty cards are a brilliant way of saving money. Whilst you’ve had to spend money to get money back its money that you would have spent regardless & its great to be rewarded for that.
I highly recommend stock piling your ‘points’ or cash rewards till you need them. I used my Nectar points to get my son numerous toys in Argos & they were ”free”. Be sure to always hand your card in & be sure to keep it safe also. I am not aware of any loyalty card that has any security measure in place to stop anyone stealing your card & spending your hard earned points/cash.

Online retailers

As mentioned in previous posts, using online retailers is a brilliant way of potentially saving money. My top tip is to simply google the item you wish to buy & see if you can find it any cheaper. Be aware of dodgy websites & counterfeit items.
As an example I will see how cheap I can find a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.
My first stop for an idea of price is Argos, their price is £49.99. Amazon offer the exact same car, brand new, for £39.50, Tesco price is a massive £54.99 & Toys’R’Us offer it at £39.99
It took me 5 minutes to get just over £10 off of the car, just imagine if you took the time how much you could save over the year just by researching online before you purchase.


A superb time to get massive savings on items is at sale times! Shops have now become wise to this & they now tend to grab your attention by publicising their best deals. If a particular shop is of interest to you I recommend signing up to have their newsletter emailed over or by signing up to their mailing list if they have one, this way you know you will be made aware when they are holding their sales & potentially some of the items that will be marked down.
Be sure not to get sucked in to false deals, keep an open mind that potentially an item was never the price they are claiming it used to be. Also make sure to remember you may get an even bigger saving by checking out online retailers and their sales.

Sale sites

These are the same pages I have mentioned before, Your local selling page or pages can be found with a quick search on Facebook. Just search your local area & the words selling page or group.
Whilst people do post what items they have up for sale, I do recommend putting up your own WANTED post if there is a particular item you are after. Items can be sold in ANY condition & could also be counterfeit so please be aware of these issues before buying. A recommendation is that you do not hand over any money before seeing the item & if you arrive to pick the item up & it isn’t in a decent condition simply DO NOT BUY IT. Just this week I picked up a toy car garage that is still be sold in Tesco for £48 for just £10!
A huge amount of money can be saved by using these groups so please use them to your full advantage and hey you may even be able to pop your old items on there to earn yourself a few pounds!

Me x