Last night I fell asleep, tonight my inner ear issue is playing up. I am going to power on though & give you some tips on saving money on those christmas gifts.


People do think we are weird when I say we start buying our Christmas gifts for the next year on Boxing Day!
The reason being that we get brand new products for super marked down prices.
For instance Boots, come Boxing Day, mark down all of their gift sets, presents, wrapping paper & cards. We once picked up wrapping paper in there for 10p a roll! A young girl told her mum she was being embarrassing by buying it, I had to pipe up & say the more money she saved on stuff like that….the more money she has to spend on presents for you.

I highly recommend checking out ALL sales in the year but especially the Boxing Day sales.
Most retailers largely mark down their Christmas stock, so keep an eye out & get buying ahead of time. It is the perfect time to buy next years Christmas cards & wrapping paper, if nothing else.
Items such as gift sets can be stored in a ‘present box’ & used as and when you require one, you obviously don’t just need to save these presents for Christmas as some of them can come in handy as Birthday presents in the year.
Black Friday, this year, has also become another of my favourite sales. I did all my Christmas shopping for my sons friends on BF. In total I had to buy for 7 children & I had budgeted £120 for those but by buying all of their presents on BF I managed to get this down to £50.
I highly recommend Mothercare & Toys’R’Us’s Black Friday sale for children’s presents.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are going to get their own blog post this week so I will only lightly touch on the subject for now.
I highly recommend letting your points build up on your loyalty cards & using them at Christmas time.
One of the best things to save are Tesco vouchers. Instead of using them on your shops throughout the year, keep them until they do a Clubcard boost that suits you or keep them so they tot up to a nice amount at the end of the year.
The best Loyalty cards for saving for Christmas pressies are Boots Advantage card, Tesco Clubcard & Nectar card.
Be sure to take advantage of double up points coupons & extra points coupons throughout the year to give you an added boost!


If you are really struggling for money you cannot beat a homemade present. These presents have more thought it them & they are personal!!!!
If you have little ones they could draw their grandparents a card or you could write your loved one a poem.
I would hate to have someone spend money on me that they didn’t have, I would much prefer them to have homemade me something small from the heart.
DON’T be embarrassed at doing something like this, I personally think its a really lovely thing to do.


Ever received a present that doesn’t suit you?
There is nothing wrong with passing that present on. It may make the perfect present for someone else. No point in a present going to waste. NEVER CHUCK THESE PRESENTS AWAY. Either give them on as presents or give them to a charity shop.

Local selling pages

Something I can’t recommend enough are local selling pages.
You can find these on Facebook by simply searching local selling. There are numerous groups on Facebook for selling items. Some of these are dedicated to Children’s items whilst others are open to selling everything.
If you have something in mind that you are after I do recommend having a post on the pages to see if anyone has the item. This isn’t always the case but theres no harm in trying.
I have found some lovely brand new items on these pages & I have saved myself quite a few £ by buying from these pages.
You do however have to be careful of scams & dodgy dealers.

Googling for the best price possible

This is something I am known for. I tend to find an item I want to buy & then search for the best price on Google.
It is a simple & super quick way of saving money. You can go from saving a few pounds on an item to, in some cases, saving hundreds.
While you are researching for the best price make sure you check the websites authenticity & make sure the items they sell are genuine.
Some websites state in small print that the items they are selling are replicas even though their whole website is pushing you into thinking the items are genuine.
The cheapest price isn’t always the best in this case, sometimes I prefer spending a few extra pounds on items such as electronics with John Lewis so I am covered by their guarantee.
This is a personal choice but for some items further researching is recommended.