I’m officially shattered after putting my son to bed at 7 & accidentally falling asleep at the same time, I knew I had to write this blog so managed to wake myself up & start!

The main area most people would love to save money is on the dreaded bills.
Everyone’s bills are different even if they are paying for exactly the same service. I personally think sometimes this is purely because some people will just settle for the first price they are given or their ‘renewal price’.


My first recommendation is to try out the mobile network GiffGaff. GiffGaff differ from most service providers 1 by being extremely cheap & 2 by offering contract type deals without actually being tied into a contract. They started off offering just sim only deals but they now sell phones with a choice of pay monthly deals.
My current ‘goody bag’ (monthly deal) costs me £12 this provides me with 500 free UK minutes, Unlimited UK texts, 2GB UK data & free calls and text to GiffGaff numbers.
I don’t know of any other mobile phone operator who offers a deal like this.

Their monthly ‘goody bags’ range from £5 a month to £20 a month.
The £20 a month goody bag boasts unlimited UK texts, unlimited UK texts, always on UK data & free calls and texts to GiffGaff numbers.
I also love GG’S ‘Pay back’ feature. If you send sim cards to friends you will receive 500 points(1 point=1 penny) if those sim cards are activated.
You are also given a personalised sim order page & you will receive 500 points for every activated SIM ordered from your page.
Twice a year you are allowed to choose how to use your points, your choices are: Cashback via PAYPAL(Once you’ve reached 1000 points), airtime credit for your mobile or donating it to a charity chosen by our members.
Can’t moan at that!!!

I know this may not suit everyone so if GiffGaff isn’t for you & you wish to stick with your current provider but feel you aren’t getting the deal you were quite hoping for then I recommend ringing them up & asking to talk with someone who can help you.
Have ready what you would like from a contract & see what deal they can do for you.
When we cancelled our previous contracts with O2 we were offered extras & more minutes to try and keep us but as we had already made our minds up & we upped at left. However by calling them & saying you were thinking of moving as you have found a better deal you may just find they try & give you what you want to keep you!

INSURANCE-House & Car.
My first piece of advice to get your personal insurance cheaper is to shop around.
Try websites like Confused.com, Comparethemarket.com and gocompare.com to name but a few. You will find you receive different prices from different websites, ensure all details are correct and find the website that you get the best quotes from then chose your insurance provider of choice. Some companies force you to call them before you are able to take up their ‘fantastic offer’ so they can try and offer you something even better. They may offer you multi car discount if you are looking into car insurance, breakdown cover & other extras to bump up your quote.

I NEVER recommend going with automatic recurring insurance or taking up first renewal offers. Search around before you call them & see the best deal. Once you have done this give them a ring & see what they can do, 9 times out of 10 they will bring your quote down. My previous insurer quoted me £900 as my renewal price and in the space of 2 minutes on the phone, the woman was able to bring it down to £600. So it’s always worth a call & search online.

The area in which you live in, your job, age, milage and many other factors will affect the price of car insurance. One thing that’s a must with car insurance is BEING HONEST, failing to do so can void your insurance.
You can however tweak certain factors to suit you! I personally from the minute I got my first car had my father on my insurance as a named driver which meant my insurance was ALOT cheaper than it would have been for just myself, yes weird I know… I have NO idea why.
This isn’t always the case though & you should be careful who you put as named drivers on your car insurance. Some people can make your quote rocket!
If in doubt contact the provider directly.
Recently in the news it was mentioned that with a slight tweak of job title you could save yourself ££. An example they used was the changing of job title from Chef to Kitchen worker, this slight change saved the person £98!
However purposely lying can cause your insurance to be void, for example, saying you are a vet when you are really a city banker isn’t a slight change of similar job title.

Gas, Electric, Broadband etc.

The same advice as above. I recommend you shop around and then call your current provider and see what deal they can sort out for you.

I have noticed some companies offer ‘discounts’ when you have more than one service provided through them. For example gas & electric through the same company.
The only way I’m aware of getting these discounts is by contacting the provider directly.
Some of these ‘discounts’ are offered as a package & you get them from day one, however these deals don’t always automatically prove to be the cheapest way about going about things. They do seem to sometimes be the easiest though.

Digital Television

If Virgin or Sky is a must for you but you feel your current bill is too high then I recommend a quick call to your provider to have a bit of a haggle. Be polite & see what they can do for you, you never know they may be able to save you a few ££ a month by altering your subscription slightly or you may just get a saving on your current subscription!

Many people now don’t use Sky or Virgin, instead they use services such as Netflix.
Whilst you aren’t going to get your daily fix of Eastenders on Netflix you will however have access to hundreds of TV series & movies.
To use Netflix, however, you do need an internet connection and a device that you can watch it through, for example, Smart TV or Smart phone.
I can see the draw with Netflix, their cheapest monthly subscription is £5.99 & most expensive is a teeny £8.99 per month!! OH & you can get your first month free, you can even cancel before it starts charging.
There are other similar services like NOW TV & Amazon Prime to name but a few.
Each offer different programmes, movies & some of these services offer their own exclusive programmes.


I can’t lie, I am absolutely awful at saving money when it comes to food shopping. For what I save I always seem to find something else to buy! Today for instance I got lots of chocolate goodies that I don’t even eat because they were £1 haha!!!
As a result my first recommendation would be to make a list & stick to it, DON’T impulse buy items you don’t need.

Don’t be fooled by deals. For instance right now in Tesco’s Hatfield, you can buy 2 packets of individual rich teas for £2 or you can buy a double pack for £1.89.
When you see 2 for 1 deals or buy 3 and get one free don’t automatically assume they are the cheapest way to buy because as I’ve said that isn’t always the case.
Always look at the price per kg to see if its cheaper to buy the smaller version of something or whether its cheaper to buy it larger!
Bigger isn’t always better 😉
Be aware that the shops sometimes alter the way in which they word these mini signs. I nearly got fooled when they swapped the weight measurements around. Keep your wits about you!
When items are on genuinely good deals I tend to bulk buy, it is a superb way of saving £.

I am going to do a full blog on loyalty cards so will just touch on the fact they are a brilliant way to save money. So make sure you sign up for each shop’s loyalty card that you regularly use.
By using these the shops may send you coupons, each shop differs, by watching what you regularly buy & sending coupons which suit you.

I hope these pointers can help you save at least a few £££. If I missed any bills out that you’d like me to cover, please leave a comment below or contact me via TWITTER.

By using these the shops may send you coupons, each shop differs, by watching what you regularly buy & sending coupons which suit you.