I’ve been vegan coming up to two years now & as it’s ‘Veganuary’, I wanted to share with you my story of why I went Vegan.

Turning back the clock to late 2015, early 2016 I was feeling pretty darn pants. I had no idea why, I’d stopped consuming milk & ice cream some time back in 2010. After a frankly awful experience with a cheesecake, the pain was worse than childbirth & yes I have experienced childbirth with no pain medication! Oddly I could still handle cheese pizzas, chocolate & other products that had milk as a major ingredient. However as time went on I would feel rather sicky & offish after consuming chocolate, let me tell you now it was SO gutting.
After another bad experience this time with Galaxy I decided to completely cut out dairy from my diet. This was the beginning of me turning vegan.

Why I Went Vegan…finally

Bad skin

For years I had been blessed with lovely clear skin, I regularly would go out without a scrap of make up on safe in the knowledge there wasn’t a mark on my skin. I used to absolutely love it, sadly it all started to change & I found when I really looked into what I was eating that after I consumed EGGS my skin would become very red, sore & any spots would be exceptionally inflamed.
No other food seemed to affect my skin so after cutting eggs out of my diet for a while my skin seemed to equal out a lot. I haven’t consumed eggs since & although I sometimes get hormonal spots, I no longer get the painful, red inflamed skin.

Feeling sick

By sick I mean actual sick not unwell. I was finding day in day out that after certain foods I would feel very sickly. Thankfully I could always find the funny side & laugh it off, god knows how as I absolutely HATE being sick.
I must add that the sickness feeling only came after I’d eaten, I wouldn’t randomly feel sick if I’d consumed no food.


This one was a killer, I felt so ill sometimes that on a few occasions I had to get someone else to put my son to bed because I was that uncomfortable that I just couldn’t concentrate & had to sit down quietly till it passed.
This was always after my main meal & thinking back now I couldn’t tell you what specific foods caused it but I always felt rough after consuming meat. I should probably explain that I only ate red meat & turkey. I haven’t consumed chicken in over 10 years now.
Meat had made me uncomfortable before, so much so that I went vegetarian around 10 years ago to help. It lasted a year & I after I went back to being a meat eater.

Generally run down

I only started feeling proper pants around 2 months before I went Vegan. I was constantly tired & felt pretty crappy all the time, with a mixture of the issues listed above. I found fighting things quite hard & would always feel quite offish. I found myself falling asleep in the day regularly, very painfully tired too not just a cheeky nap.

So there you have it guys, a mix of these 4 things caused me to go Vegan & I can honestly say, I’ve never felt better.
If you are taking part in Veganuary then congratulations & I wish you well.
If you want to go Vegan then I may not be the fountain of all knowledge but I’m happy to try & help you on your journey. There will be no judgement from myself as I know how hardcore & off putting some Vegans can be towards non-vegans.

Do you understand Why I Went Vegan?
Do you want to have a try or are you trying Veganuary?

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