I used to absolute love sweets, at any given moment I would be snacking away on naughty little sweetie treats. I thought that all of my favourites were off limits but with the help of Lou from All Glamour No Guts, I’ve come across some ‘ Accidentally Vegan Sweets ‘ that you can find in any shop! By ”accidentally” I mean that they weren’t made as a Vegan sweets but they contain no animal ingredients so they are SAFE for Vegans to consume #YAY!

Sweet Treats You Can Eat | Accidentally Vegan Sweets

•Jelly Tots
•Refresher Choos
•Parma Violets
•Rainbow Drops
•Haribo Rainbow Strips
•Starburst (I have consumed nearly the entire packet in a day after finding out they are Vegan)
•Flying Saucers ( Please check the packets as different brands use different ingredients)
•Love hearts
•Original Polo Mints
•Sherbert Fountain
•Foxes Glacier Fruits
•Foxes Glacier Dark
•Foxes Galcier Mints
•Sour Patch Kids

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