”Sorry for the mess” How many times have you seen this on a social media post, especially Instagram images. It always tends to drive me nuts especially when their mess is my tidy.
So why are we chasing Instagram Perfection?

Perfection seems to be what sells on Instagram, why though?
The influencers I’ve seen are ‘perfection’ they never have downs, they are always riding the ups. They never have messy or average houses, their houses are spotless & look like show homes.
How real is all of this though? Do these people really make me want to buy products? The answer is yes, I’ve been paying particular attention to female ‘influencers’ that I follow this week. Pushing positive compliments on their new uploads & I keep finding new items that I want to buy. Is this true for all of us though, not everyone see’s these people as perfection, they still get hate of course.
What these profiles do though is show every single one of us that perfection is what sells on Instagram.

Of course some of us support one another regardless of the ‘perfection’ of the image but others strive & get obsessed with that perfect Instagram upload.
The amount of times I’ve got angry at myself for not having the correct image is scary. I am my own worst critic. The lighting is off, my face looks odd, argh the background isn’t out of focus, the quality is crap.
I’ve feared that the picture won’t get the reaction I wanted, that the likes wouldn’t be high enough. All over an app.. An app has upset me to the point I’ve judged myself harshly.

I’ve not used images because they weren’t the right orientation for that days upload, I’ve not used lovely images because they are slightly out of focus. All because I’m trying to impress potential clients & then, of course, absolute strangers.
When I sit here to really think about that I find it incredibly sad that I can’t always be ‘me’ to be able to sell ‘me’ as a brand.

I’ve heard of women getting to the point where they have cosmetic surgery purely for selfies, if you know me you know I have both surgical & non-surgical work done so you know I’m not putting people down for having surgery, I just think we are bordering on being dangerous.
Whilst this is another topic I wish to cover entirely on its own I do feel it needs to be hinted at in this post. I personally feel people who have had work done need to be honest about it, I have seen men & women making themselves ill to achieve a body that the person whose body it is doesn’t even REALLY have that body. Its been achieved by means of surgery, photoshop or both. I am always open & entirely honest about my own personal cosmetic work. So far just being Breast Augmentation & Lip Fillers all done by Nilesh Sojitra.
In my own personal opinion images of my nature *selfies etc* need to carry a warning to make people aware what they are seeing has been altered in some way or another, this ISN’T to shame the person who has had the work, FAR from it. Its to save any potential issues from people trying to achieve this frankly naturally impossible body.

I know Instagram can be a HUGE money maker for some of us, I have heard of popular reality stars getting double figure thousands for promoting a product, lets just say I’m not into that either but EACH TO THEIR OWN. Not going to batter someone down for making money & making it really well. There is truth in the fact that perfection & a luxurious lifestyle sells.. should it be the only thing that sells? F**k no, I do want to see average families on their travels, I want to see someone going through the same things I do ( you know the meltdowns so you know you aren’t alone!) but of course the odd post from someone doing well & succeeding helps push me forward too. There is no happy medium though, I always see the same families being sent products, the same girls promoting the same brands, nothing seems to change.
Hey if it works for them, which I’m sure it does then who am I to complain.

My point is that theres no harm mixing stuff up sometimes. I’m directing this at individuals, corporations & small businesses. We don’t always want to see the perfect shot, blogging parents we don’t want you to apologise for the house being in a ‘mess’, we just want honest selling & not to be made to feel we have to reach this idea of perfection in each & every moment of our waking life. Oh of course with Instagram its working while we sleep too!

Of course those of us on the outside have to remember a few things, it is becoming common for people to flaunt their ‘wealth’, only their wealth isn’t quite what it seems. Cars can be borrowed, private flights can be lied about (A ‘well know’ celeb was found to be lying about being on a private jet), houses can be hired, hand bags & bags are sent for promotional purposes. The only thing that truly winds me up is when products are sent, a price is agreed for promotion & regardless of what the ‘influencer’ thinks about the product they WILL promote it for the money.
Do I blame them for doing it? NO the money can be exceptionally good, however I wouldn’t personally do it because I could never promote a product I didn’t like or ,in some cases, never even used!
Remember life isn’t always what it seems, whilst you can look up to these people never feel you have to be their equal & also remember that sometimes life isn’t always how it seems.

Keep being you, post those blurry family shots, IG that make up free selfie, be real.
I’d rather see you as you, warts & all… Okay maybe not warts.