It’s been nearly 10 years since I was last on contraception, my life was turned upside down when I decided to go from the contraceptive patch to Depo-provera.

My Experience Of Depo-Provera | The Worst Year Of My Life

Looking back I’d been on some form on contraception since I was around 13 years old, purely from a pain & flow perspective.
I needed help to control both & was pushed in the direction of contraception.

I started off with the pill, I tried numerous types but none suited me. The contraceptive patch was hideous, I was modelling at the time & wherever I put it it was visible!
The pill reacted badly with me but to be completely fair I don’t remember any side effects of using the patch. Bar the fact that it stunk from sweat & was visible.

I was then pointed in the direction of the Depo-Provera contraceptive shot. My mums been on it for over 20 years, I thought if it suited her then SURELY it would suit me. Gosh you wouldn’t believe how wrong I was.

I happily had the shot not thinking too much about what could happen & happily went along with my life.
I can’t pinpoint the actual time that I began to feel ill but it wasn’t too far into it that I began to not feel myself.
I went from a confident happy girl to someone that was tired, ill & barely wanted to leave the house.

For around a year I barely did anything. I felt ill & tired nearly all the time. Generally under the weather & could I think of what was causing it?… Could I heck.
That was bad enough but the day my hair started falling out was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever been though.
My hair at the time was my crowning glory, natural waist length hair.
Each time I brushed the hair would fall to the floor & clog the brush, each time I washed my hair I had to pick out the clumps from the plug. I would sit & cry as I counted each hair that fell out.

Adding insult to injury I’d had perfectly clear skin up until this point & suddenly my back started to break out like a roid filled meat head. I was mortified, I was spotty, I was loosing my hair & I felt like poo.
No one knew what was wrong. The doctors had no clue & the nurse who specialised in hair & skin was baffled too.
She was amazing though, she gave me CETAPHIL that helped calm my back down a little, the hair thing was confusing everyone.

I went from loving photoshoots to having to privately contact the hair stylists & let them know they could barely brush my hair as I was losing so much of it. It was horrible, no one could see it but I could. My hair stylist at that time was amazing & she wasn’t too worried but I was crying myself to sleep after counting my hairbrush. It may sound pathetic but I was SO down that it just hit me really hard.

I now actively push people away from using google to self diagnose but I am so pleased I did head there & have a Google.
Low & behold people were saying it was a side effect from the Depo-Provera shot. I was a mix of elated & bloody gutted wondering how long it would take for the shit to clear my system.

I had my hair cut off not long after that to shoulder length, I never had the shot again & my hair stopped the uncontrollable shedding & returned to normal. I also went back to feeling generally well & far happier.
I haven’t had a single fake hormone in me since, NO form of contraception will enter my body again.
I had a battle on my hands at my 6 week check after having B when contraception was being forced upon me, I flat out refused & told him in no uncertain terms that the male was no longer around & I didn’t need any. Regardless, I made him aware that I disagree with contraception for my mental & physical health.

I have been contraception free around 7 to 8 years now & I’ve never felt better. Going vegan has helped ease any aches I get around my time of the month also.
I urge you to look into the side effects of your contraception, DO YOU REALLY NEED IT?
Have you felt offish since you changed your method of contraception or are you at your whits end with hair loss?

Take your time & look at the side effects, talk to your doctor or nurse.
Your health & safety is all that matters, DO NOT be pushed into something that hasn’t been fully explained to you & certainly don’t be forced into it if you don’t want to.

This is MY personal experience with Depo-Provera, It suits my mum down to the ground but for me it was horrific.
Please go into any situation discussing contraception with an open mind but do ask what the side effects are & especially for implants please please ask how they’ve been tested.