If you turned the clock back 8 years I had that type of skin that others envied. I used to go out without a speck of make up on, there wasn’t a mark in sight. I absolutely loved my skin & was beyond proud of it. It all changed when I came off of contraception & was greeted with painful face spots & exceptionally sore spots on my back & chest! I would constantly search ‘How To Get Clearer Skin’ in Google, nothing ever worked.
Lately I’ve figured out the secret, well it works for me so I’m sharing it with you on the off chance that it can help you too!

How To Get Clearer Skin

Look into your diet – This is one for SO long that I just didn’t want to attempt. I absolutely loved my half a packet of chocolate digestives at 10pm at night & the huge pizza with pepperoni piled high, greasy cheese & garlic bread.
I didn’t want to change that & surely, it couldn’t be affecting me could it? I’ve eaten it for years why would it now start messing with my skin?

Turns out it was food that was affecting me, it started with spots, along with the spots then came stomach pains & tiredness.
I linked the pain to dairy which was on the whole taken out of my diet, well… I took milk out of my diet. That helped for sometime but it grew to the point where I also stopped consuming cheese!

I grew to just accept the bad skin & just thought my tiredness would subside. It never did, B was 6 months old when I finally thought I cannot continue with the stomach pains & awful tiredness. I decided to go the whole hog & go Vegan.
I immediately cut out dairy, meat & every other animal product.
My Skin immediately started to clear up & my general day to day wellness increased. I felt strong & happy.
Although my skin was clearer & I experienced less breakouts, it wasn’t quite perfect!

I’m not telling you by any stretch to go Vegan but I highly recommend looking at your diet & seeing what could potentially be affecting you. For my skin the agitators were dairy & eggs! Eggs used to make my skin glow bright red & turn every spot that was on my skin ruby red.
If something particularly affects your skin then remove it from your diet.

Drink WATER! – I used to be so good at keeping hydrated, maybe a little TOO good at it. I used to consume multiple large bottles of water. This was at the height of my skin perfection!
I kept my fluid intake to just Tea & water. I loved it & was happy with just consuming tea & water… YUM!

I ended up breaking my 10 year fizzy drink break the day B was born, I can’t say I regret it because it was just something I desperately craved at that period in time. 3 years down the line & I still consume fizzy drinks but not regularly. It is something I use as a treat.

However my water consumption has taken a serious nosedive, when B was first born it got to the point where I wouldn’t drink till I had someone with me as I just wouldn’t move so I could get him to sleep!
Within the past year my consumption of water went up & down, I decided to up it recently.

Since increasing my water consumption I feel less tired & my skin is clearer, my chest for one is completely clear YAAY!

Don’t Pick Your Spots, Use A Blackhead Remover Tool – This tool has actually helped me with my spots! Even with ‘extracting’ my spots with the remover tool I don’t get marks & certainly don’t get any no red patches. I was always a ‘picker’ when it came to spots but with this tool its let me still extract my spots without the horrible aftermath of popping spots with your fingers! I’m unsure why the spots don’t get inflamed like they do when they are popped by hand but if I extract them before bed with the tool, I wake up either without a spot or a spot thats remarkably smaller & less noticeable.
The tool looks like this & is exceptionally easy to use, it is rather addictive though:

How To Get Clearer Skin

I got this tool from The Body Shop for £4 & would highly recommend it: Double Ended Blackhead Remover Tool

Change Your Face Cleaning Products – This is what truly did it for me, completely changing the facial cleaning products I used. Previously I was using a charcoal based cleanser that you foamed up in your hands, washed on & then off followed by a toner. That mix of products did nothing for me so I decided to swap. I spent a good 10 minutes in Boots trying to decide on a new cleaning regime when I happened upon this absolute beauty of a product.


I always take products like this with a pinch of salt when they claim visible results within a day BUT trust me this product was true to its word. The next day I noticed a marked improvement & 3 months down the line I barely even get a spot when I’m on my period! This stuff is sent from the heavens, it truly is remarkable. I don’t get how it does it but it managed to keep my skin looking amazing without drying it out or anything. My mood has taken a good leap too with my clearer skin. I buy this product myself but I must thank La Rouche-Posay for developing the amazing product.

I hope these ‘how to get clearer skin’ tips help you on your journey to a spot free face!
Lots of love
Mumma B.

P.S You can kind of see how clear my skin is in our latest YouTube video: