If you told me 7 years ago that I would be Vegan I would have laughed in your face & called you crazy, probably actually a hell of a lot worse! I couldn’t have imagined a life where I consumed no animal products but fast forward to today & I’ve been happily Vegan 2 years!
Before writing this I hadn’t realised how going vegan has affected me, its made me realise what amazing journey I’ve been on & I’d love to share it with you.

How Going Vegan Has Affected Me | 2 Year Journey

Prior to this post it may be worth reading my blog regarding ‘Why I Went Vegan‘ to understand the full extent of how amazingly pants I was feeling.
Starting off my Vegan journey was hard but completely necessary from a health point of view. It was becoming an issue where I was feeling worse as the days went on. The idea of going Vegan came easy to me & I decided to jump into it head first & not look back.

Let’s say the idea of going Vegan went down like a sack of poop with near enough EVERYONE. ‘Where will you get your protein from?’ ‘What about the calcium?’ ‘You need meat!’ I literally heard it all & thankfully completely ignored it.
I lost around half a stone going Vegan & I’ve only in the past 6 months been able to gain that weight back, my weight was equalling out from years of animal products, fat etc. Whilst I felt like I was eating equal or more than before I clearly was eating different foods that were being digested differently. I didn’t notice my weight loss (I don’t weigh myself) but I had numerous people tell me how small I was looking & indeed how ill I looked. I didn’t listen, I felt AMAZING.

As mentioned in previous blog posts my skin became very red & inflamed prior to going vegan. I’d find after I ate certain foods my spots would become red & sore by the next morning. By removing animal products from my diet my skin cleared up considerable amounts, I still got & still get the odd spot BUT they are rarely sore unless they are blind spots. I linked the redness & spotty skin to eggs in-particular, which I found gutting as I absolutely LOVED eggs.
My skin has always been a massive deal to me, I love clear skin & I enjoy looking after my skin. When it went from entirely clear to spotty like I mentioned above it was gutting. Going Vegan definitely helped the state of my skin.
Please excuse the poor state of the image below, quality wise its awful but you can see its a completely un-airbrushed image, with barely any make-up on. I want you to see what my skin looks like day to day.
how going vegan has affected me

Clear skin is always a fabulous thing to have but day to day feeling like utter poop wasn’t doing me or B any good! I was absolutely zonked 24/7 prior to going Vegan, I was getting fed up as I had no energy to get up & do things with B.
I can’t say this went away immediately after going Vegan as it didn’t, my body took a while to accustom itself to a Vegan diet so it stuck with me for a few weeks but once I got my diet on track my energy sky rocketed. It just means that I’m up & wired till about 11/12am!

This won’t be great news to some of you if you are looking at going Vegan as a method of losing weight, going vegan INCREASED my appetite. I was able to eat full meals without getting bloated & burpy, the meals filled me up comfortably. Some meals aren’t as filling & it means I have to eat more after but eating was something I was really struggling with. Eating became something I HAD to do, not something I looked forward to doing. I have my off days when I eat because I have to but on the whole I am enjoying my meals & actively looking forward to trialing new things & finishing all my food!

This is an alert for you ladies… Going Vegan gave me LESS painful periods. Don’t believe all this tripe that being a ‘proper’ Vegan stops your period because it doesn’t, having no period isn’t a good sign or something to shout from the rooftops. A painless/ less painful period is what you should shout about & share with others. Pre-Vegan I would get cramping & headaches, now I rarely get headaches & any cramping is very mild. My periods still last the same time & I still bleed the same amount but the pain & moodiness is gone.
This was a huge bonus of going Vegan!

So this is how going vegan has affected me, I am a happier, healthier woman.

Lots of love,