I regularly post about On The Go Kids As I think their savings card is absolutely fantastic, I’ve managed to get some great savings on some of my favourite attractions. Namely, Paradise Wildlife Park! Whats better is this fantastic card offers savings for attractions & businesses dotted all around the United Kingdom!

Fun Facts About On The Go Kids

• You can reuse some of the savings over & over. This is especially helpful at somewhere like Paradise Wildlife Park!

• There are new restaurants, soft plays, attractions & businesses being added to the card all the time, I absolutely love this feature. I always get excited when they post a new saving.

• You can save A LOT of money on parties, this can come in extremely handy.

• Its a locally run business to me, in Hertfordshire. The owner is an extremely good friend of mine. I love supporting small local businesses.

• All the discounts are shown on the website so you don’t have to go hunting for them.

•This card can be used both in the South East & Yorkshire.

• With the discount code ‘littleb’ you can buy your own card for just £12, thats just £1 a month!

Check out my latest YouTube video, I headed to Paradise Wildlife Park for the day. This is one of the fantastic attractions you will be able to use your On The Go Kids card if you win!

Heres one of my previous posts about my favourite discounts from the On The Go Kids card:
On The go Kids | Your Card To Discounts

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