Myself & B are huge fans of celebrating Christmas! We decided to start our Christmas early but not as early as usual.
We always start our Christmas journey with a trip to Springtime Nurseries in Crews Hill, Enfield. It lived up to previous years but this is the first year where B is fully aware of whats going on!

We decided to head over with B’s dance friend J & her mummy Katy! B has never taken a friend to this place before & he was eager to chat away the entire way there.
We arrived at 10:10 – 10:20 am, I wanted to get there for opening but as per usual I got distracted at home by something or another! Thankfully the carpark had numerous spaces free at this time ( Around 10 – 15 ).

Springtime Nurseries

I am quite obsessed when we are out at taking pictures to make sure we have as many memories as possible! B clearly loves the camera & was quite happy to pose next to the Santa statue outside the front of ‘Springtime Nurseries’.
The ride that was outside of the garden centre wasn’t on which was a bit gutting as B is a huge fan of rides.
Please be aware the carpark can become exceptionally hectic so be alert & prepared to park elsewhere, especially at the weekends & once the term ends.

I find the inside of Springtime Nurseries quite magical, its almost like another little world. You walk in to be greeted with a huge shop full of the usual goodies plus, at this time of year, teamed with christmas trees, decorations & lights! Even the shop itself is almost like a beginning to the grotto! They really have made the place magical, it actually made me smile walking in… Like Christmas had really begun.
Their items are of good quality & they are exceptionally well priced! I got B a ‘Santa Stop Here Sign’ for £2.99!!!!!

To get to the real good stuff, Christmas Wonderland, you have to walk right to the back of the shop. You will be greeted with a lovely area with a ice rink, santa’s grotto/train ride, snow dome & a few huts with things for sale in them.
I absolutely love the place & oddly feel it gets colder so its almost like you are in the North Pole, maybe thats just me though.
We decided to head straight to see Santa & we were lucky enough to get straight on a train that was waiting to have its last 4 spaces filled by our little gang! It cost £10 for B & just £2 for me, I can’t complain at the price tag. Its suiting of what you get.

I genuinely could have cried with B & J’s reactions to the train ride, it honestly melted my heart. B was mesmerised, wooow-ing at everything & shouting every time he saw Santa or a Christmas tree.
The train ride hasn’t changed much, if at all since last year, however it was JUST as magical.
Below are the videos of the train ride, top is last year & below that is this year.

I love the different scenes that are depicted as you go around, they kept B & J mesmerised & interested the entire way around. B was amazed when he saw Snow White, the kid is a little cutie.
Before too long we arrived at Santa’s grotto! We were last off of the train so had to wait around 5 minutes for a Santa to become available. We decided to go in all together as we wanted an image taken as a group.
Santa was absolutely fantastic with the kids, he got them both out of their shells. B was so shocked & in awe that he just lost every idea of present he wanted so I had to give him a few ideas haha! This is the kid, by the way, that has 4 full christmas lists that are hidden in the house so ‘Santa can’t take them'( Yeah I don’t get it either! )
Our Santa was also exceptionally open to us having numerous pictures taken, even giving us the choice of doing our own too but we wanted them done ‘professionally’
We had been given Lanyards for the kids to wear when we paid for the Santa train ride & santa adorned their lanyards with special golden tickets to his toy shop! I think its a fabulous idea that the kids actually get to go & choose their presents!

B took around 10 minutes to decide on one of those fold up craft style boxes & J got a little barbie style toy!
Both kids were exceptionally pleased with their choice of toy. As were us parents..
I’m not proud of the fact I pretty much flew out of the grotto to go & see our pictures! We had to wait a while as there was a family before us but eventually we got to see our images. As per usual, greedy mummy, couldn’t just have one & when she(I) realised that there was a 3 for £10 deal on… She(I) just had to have them!
I can’t be quoted on the price but I know they are either £3.50 or £4.

Springtime Nurseries

We didn’t end up ice skating or going in the snow globe, we did however decide to get some pictures of the kids in the sleigh style ride(WHICH DIDN’T WORK) & those wooden things where you stick you head through for pictures haha (I have no idea what they call them).
I would do these activities usually but I felt ice skating was rather over priced & the snow globe we just didn’t fancy on the day.

Springtime Nurseries

On our way out of Springtime Nurseries we did head over to their lights & Christmas decorations which were lovely!
We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Springtime Nurseries, Christmas Wonderland & we can’t wait to return next year.

Springtime Nurseries

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