I’m coining the phrase TWIL for my weekly blog posts, It stands for This Week I’m Loving <3
My TWIL posts will include everything I’ve loved from the past week.

Tumble Tots

We’ve been going to Tumble Tots for about a year now but B has only recently got into it properly.
For those of you who aren’t aware of Tumble Tots, its a Gymnastics based physical activity class for children.
B used to run around like a headless chicken & would refuse to climb. Recently though he has been paying a lot more attention & he now carefully climbs & will happily try different work stations. Actually, he still does run around like a headless chicken but its a lot more put together shall we say!
I am exceptionally proud of how far his climbing has come on, that is if he isn’t too distracted by another child’s antics.
He is very enthusiastic as you can see from this image…well he was enthusiastic before he face planted!
Bryson at Tumble Tots
He’s in awe of his teacher & is due to be going into the older age group class come September, I’m unsure how that will go but I shall let you all know. Fingers & toes crossed!

Ocado Nappies

I recently swapped to a Vegan diet due to ill health & as a result I needed to swap to a more Vegan friendly shop which ended up being Ocado. As I was browsing I came across Ocado’s own branded nappies, I didn’t for one minute think the one pack I bought as a tester would turn into a regular buy.
I’ve tried shops own brand nappies before & absolutely hated them, for reasons like poor absorption & bad fit. I expected these to be exactly the same BUT they turned out to be even better than Pampers & at a fraction of the cost(£4.50 for 40 size 6 nappies)
I honestly cannot recommend them enough, it gets better though…They keep going on sale & going down to £3.50!!!!!!!!


I usually spend around £40 on a decent pair of fitted jeans from somewhere like Jack Wills or River Island but on a recent childfree 5 minutes I decided to pop into TKMaxx. I usually find sweet FA but this time around I found arm fulls of clothes that I wanted to try on, this included a whole host of jeans!
Their jeans were in waist size so I was completely baffled by what size I needed. Somehow I managed to pick up the correct sizes. Bar the one pair, apparently a size 4 with these thighs & butt aren’t quite meant to be!
I usually find none of the clothes fit or look quite how I want them to. Weirdly I settled on one pair of trousers, 3 pairs of jeans & a top, all costing less than I’d spend on 2 pairs of jeans.
Since that shopping trip I have tried 2 other local TKMaxx’s & have managed to get more trousers, jeans & tops!
Check out your local TKMaxx when you have a spare half an hour!
Be patient though, there are hidden gems amongst the rails.

Fry’s Country Herb Braai Flavoured Sausages

Since adopting a Vegan diet I have been struggling to find ‘meat alternatives’ for ‘quick’ dinners.
I found out about Fry’s by shopping with Ocado. I am now a HUGE fan of every item of theirs that I’ve tried so far!
These sausages are what I tend to have every Sunday along with a heap of green vegetables & new potatoes, they are filling without being sickly & they taste AMAZING.
I recommend trying their products even if you aren’t vegan as they are a great alternative to meat.

Gingerbread’s Single Parent Group

I have been going to my single parent group for about 4 months & both me & B love going. It just so happens that it takes place at the nursery I want to send B to, I also went there myself many moons ago.
Our first ever session was on a cold rainy day so we were inside but all our subsequent groups have taken place outside & B thrives on being outside!
They have a whole heap of things to do so he never gets bored, he particularly likes to play in the sandpit & splash about with toys in the water table.
There are some nice parents there & it’s nice to get to talk to different people but my main reason for going is because B loved the experience so much!
If you too are a single parent make sure to check out where your local Gingerbread group is & head on down!
B at Gingerbread Group