I’d seen ‘Track Party’ recommended numerous times on Facebook & had also been told I should take B, I’d just never managed to find a date to go when I was free. I found out about this event from my local mums page & jumped at the chance of going. B has recently taken a huge interest in trains after watching videos on YouTube so I thought it was a brilliant chance for him to play with a ‘real’ train track. Booking via their website was simple & I managed to get tickets the day before our chosen date!

We live close to the Track Party that we attended but its run at a community centre, parking is sparse but there are a row of shops & plenty of roads adjoined that can be used for parking.
Imagine being greeted with the sight of kids leaving screaming & others being in floods of tears. Oh god, was it that bad?!
NO.. The kids were screaming & crying because they didn’t want to leave, as I entered the place I soon saw why!

I highly recommend getting to a Track Party ON TIME, not early & not late. We were early & we had to wait around which B found less than great & kept asking me why he wasn’t allowed in ‘HIS Track Party’, he keeps thinking every event we head to is his Birthday party!
Once you’ve given your name & details in, once its open of course, you are given the rules & told how everything works! This was our first time so all help was welcomed. We chose 2 trains & a carriage, B chose pink & purple trains surprise surprise! Trains are provided by ‘Track Party’ so please don’t worry about bringing your own, they would probably get lost! The trains are great & battery operated so you won’t be getting moaned at by your little one to move their train along.

I really wish I’d managed to get a picture of his little face as he walked in, it completely lit up like all his Christmases had come at once. He wasn’t hesitant at all to start playing & we both headed off to start having fun.
You don’t need to follow your child around, there are seats provided at the side. However I would urge parents to keep an eye on their children.
B was in his element & loved to play around with all the different bits of track that were available. His favourite just so happened to be this huge spiral! The trains can go up or down it, B would let his trains go halfway then take them off & head off elsewhere though, was adorable watching him trying to follow them around.
track party

B dotted happily around the entire place, from playing with the cars on the long tracks to trying out new bits of the train track.
He swapped trains twice but always kept the same purple one, he absolutely fell in love with it. Track Party is a fabulous place for little ones to experiment with the trains & see them working over all different types of track & ‘buildings’.
B got quite attached to a row of ”car washes” as he called them, they were train washes really but hey!
track party

There wasn’t anything there that B didn’t love, he was so inquisitive & he thoroughly enjoyed exploring. It was actually lovely to see how well all the kids adapted to playing around one another. To be honest, most of them were so engrossed in what they were doing that they didn’t really pay any attention to others, bar of course moving out the way for them.
I also liked that, on the whole, so many of the kids were happy to share & play together, especially with the car tracks!

When it came to the end B was totally confused about why he had to leave! Quite upset in fact, had I realised quite how much he’d enjoy it then I would have booked the next session after ours.
B thoroughly enjoyed his experience & I loved it too, we can’t wait to head back for the next Track Party in our local area!

I proud to announce that we are now sponsors for Track Party! I am so proud & happy to promote such a fantastic event & company, make sure to check out their website so you can find your local Track Party event.
Find all the information you need at Track Parties Website
track party