I am always on the look out for fresh things to do with B & recently I’ve realised I really want to let him grow as an individual & start getting his confidence boosted. KT’s Academy Of Performing Arts Little Movers Dance Class popped up on my local mums page & it sounded right up B’s street so I booked in for a class. The principal Katie was exceptionally friendly via messages & got us into a class straight away, I contacted her on Sunday & she got us in for Tuesday!

This fabulous class is held at our local big Tesco in their Community room which just so happens to be situated in my favourite aisle, the crisp aisle! Katie did one of my favourite things, she detailed in her messages exactly where the class was being held. It is shocking how many time people just give you a rough idea of where their classes are being held & you’re left walking around like a madwoman with a screaming toddler in tow desperately hunting out a venue. In this case that wasn’t the case. It was in an extremely easy to find location even if you haven’t ventured into the Tesco before.
Of course the ample parking was also music to my ears.

We arrived as we always do, early! We were greeted very warmly by Katie & her assistant. B was instantly at home & felt very comfortable, probably the most comfortable I’ve ever seen him at a first class.
B waited patiently for class to start while talking to his teachers.

Now once class started B did something that shocked me!
He went on his own & sat down to start the class, HE HAS NEVER done that before! He has always asked for me to be with time or cried if I dared to back away but today… NOTHING. The boy just sat down as if its something he does all the time.
KT's Academy Of Performing Arts

This is a massive deal to us & left me with a little tear in my eye, I was SO proud of him for having the confidence to go & sit down with people he didn’t know for a class he’d never done before.
As part of the warm up the little ones have to ‘paint their legs’ with their two imaginary paint brushes, needless to say B chose pink ‘paint’ to paint his legs with. *Please note – there is NO use of real paints its all about stretching & them using their imagination*

I really didn’t know what to expect of the class but it exceeded all the expectations I had, B really did try everything that was put to him, he may have spun it in a different way. See the image below? That should have been a sit up leg stretch but hey ho, B made it his own!
KT's Academy Of Performing Arts

B especially loved the ‘galloping’ part of the glass, he eagerly took Katie’s hand & had a fabulous time, I didn’t think he would do that one as he was a bit offish. However as soon as Katie egged him on a bit he ran straight over & took her hand & tried it out. Of course he loved it!
KT's Academy Of Performing Arts
All the kids loved this bit, it was adorable to see how happy they all were.

B really got on quite well with the routines that Katie did, I was surprised as sometimes he decides he doesn’t want to listen as just dances to the beat of his own drum, which currently happens to be a breakdancing drum!
Whilst he didn’t quite get all the moves he sure made a good attempt at keeping up & I especially loved the Superhero element to it, B chose to be the Joker by the way. Gosh knows why!
I was so proud of him & how well he did.
KT's Academy Of Performing Arts

B thoroughly enjoyed himself at KT’s Dance Academy Little Movers Dance Class, he came home & immediately told Nanna & Pops all about his new class!

At £3.50 for a half an hour class I think its fantastic, the class is a fabulous way to keep your little ones fit while you get to watch them develop & progress.
I do think that if I’d have bought Bryson to this when he was 2 that he would have struggled but at nearly 3 it is the perfect time for him to do a class like this one.
I genuinely can’t begin to recommend KT’s Academy Of Performing Arts enough, classes can really be hit & miss & this one sure is a ‘HIT’ with us!
We are heading back next Tuesday, if you’re local please join us!

Class cost – £3.50
Time – 10:00 till 10:30
Day – Tuesday
Would we go again? – We certainly will!

Visit Kt’s Academy Of Performing Arts Website for more information