I was sitting on Facebook having a look through the local mum page I admin for & noticed a little comment about a French class for kids. I am always up for trying new things so I emailed Lucy from Kidslingo & asked if we could go along for a taster session. I’d managed to book us on 3 classes that day so time was tight but both me & B were super excited.

This specific KidsLingo class was held at our favourite soft play, 360 Play, so we knew where we were heading & that it had plenty of FREE parking.
We were greeted by B’s teacher, Lucy & instantly made to feel comfortable. She explained the class to us & we waited for the other people to arrive.
Due to late comers the class was delayed but B was an absolute angel & Lucy was amazing at keeping him entertained & interested.

We started off with the ‘Bonjour song’ let me just tell you now, the song is still in my head & I’m still singing it when I’m walking around. B was a bit confused but bopped a long to the song & hummed along.
I have to admit he was rather mesmerised by a ball that he’d noticed & that was taking his fancy more than really getting into the song. He didn’t have long to wait though as the ball came out & we rolled it & said ‘Bonjour, Je m’appelle *insert name*’, he didn’t want to hand the ball over but he managed. B is able to say Bonjour & regularly says it at home but he was a little shy so only said it very quietly but it was still lovely to see.

I found the class easy to follow & found B was interested throughout even if a little distracted by some of the other little ones.
B’s favourite part of the class was the ‘Frère Jacques song’, he got to sing along & best of all use instruments. I felt little things like this kept the kids interest. A mix of fun & learning, I do feel B learnt little bits & pieces because of the way Lucy taught them. It wasn’t strict, sat down & French words chucked at us to repeat. It was fun, we were encouraged to repeat & try our best.


My favourite part of the class was ‘Le Vieux McDonald’ (Old Mcdonald) part. We got to learn all the different names of the animals that can be found at the farm. Lets just say I learnt a lot while I was here, I’m even keeping up on it since I’ve got home.
This section involved both songs & games which I felt was a lovely mix. The song was ‘Old McDonald Had A Farm’ but in French, I really got into this a bit too much & was singing along! Hey, its as much for B as it is for me, its always great to learn.
We got to play a ‘missing animal’ game after the song which was great fun, except someones Mummy(Me) couldn’t remember the French names for the animals! B was smiling throughout the class so I knew I had chosen well.

I had the oddest looks when I told people B was going to a French class but it was a really great class.
A fabulous mix of games, songs & learning.
Lucy is such a fabulous teacher & is SO well suited to teaching little ones. Some people just aren’t cut out for kids randomness & disinterest, but she rocked it out & always managed to get everyones attention.
I never once felt out of the loop with the class, our class was mid term so we were a bit behind. Lucy got me up to date before class started & B quite happily joined it with Lucy’s encouragement.

Kidslingo is for kids with an interest in learning with a hint of fun & games.
You will go away from your first class having learnt at the very least a handful of French words, but don’t worry, you are given a sheet of words that you learnt in the class. (I loved this!!!!!!)

If you want to learn more check out the Kidslingo Facebook Page.