B had been asking to head back to a gymnastic style class after we left his previous one. I found Diamond Gymnastics Club via my local mums Facebook page. We booked to head over for their pre-school class, we already had two other classes on that day but decided that we’d head over to trial it & really make a busy day out of it. His teacher came across exceptionally well in the emails & did my favourite thing, she gave detailed information on where the class was. The venue in which it was held in & also where about in the venue! YAY, for no chance of getting lost.

This is the style of class where you bring your little one & then leave them to do the class on their own. It was B’s first time so I was allowed to stay in the room & watch. The class was 45 minutes long & I found that it was a pretty perfect length of time for children of a pre-school age.

Diamond Gymnastics Club
The class started with a warm up which B found quite hilarious, oddly for B he found it exceptionally hard to pay attention although he did try his hardest.
The warm up was age appropriate & looked interesting & fun. B especially loved the bit where they all got to run around in big circles. B’s teacher did exceptionally well at keeping everyones attention & making sure they listened. This was no mean feat with a room full of excitable pre-schoolers.

After their warm up they were all taken to try 3 pieces of apparatus, this is what B had had his eye on since the moment he stepped foot through the door. His eyes lit up when he realised he’d get a chance to try these new things out.
He wasn’t quite as happy when he realised he had to take part in each activity before he could do the bit he really wanted to do, THE HIGH BAR!
That being said he thoroughly enjoyed trying these pieces of equipment & tried his very best. He kept running around like a loon & I tried my best to keep reminding him to pay attention. He tried his best on the balance beam & did quite well for his first time. This is the kid that can fall over thin air, so I was exceptionally proud.

Diamond Gymnastics Club
As you can see my B had a ball, especially on the high bar!
I was so proud of him, he really shocked me at the things he managed to do, this class made me realise he can do a lot more than I could EVER realise.

If your little one is a confident, independent child then I would recommend this class, at this current moment in time B is still very much attached to me & he found it a little bit of a struggle. I made sure to see how the other children who have been before coped & they were exceptionally confident & really enjoyed their experience.
This is a great class for teaching little ones the basics of Gymnastics.
Please visit Diamond Gymnastic’s Facebook Page for information on classes & for great videos of classes!